Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fuck A Truck

I'm tired and pissed off and still got the fucking flu and bad news is coming in from all quarters. This post will be peevish and full of fucking swearing. Consider yerself warned.

1. 7.6 earthquake with aftershocks of up to 6.0. Poor bastards.

2. Weasel blinks. Not exactly good news but a lesseining of bad news. But we'll still be sacked for being queer or the wrong religion or for not wanting to be sexually harrassed or just because the boss is having a bad day.

3. More legal crap to be ploughed through re my father's crap.

4. Australian develops cancer vaccine. Some good news for a fucking change.

In the meantime, go and have a read:

Do gays cause tornados? Which I think I nicked off Suzanne.

Mating season in the Antarctic defies intelligent design by Emma Tom.

Survivor Toyland.

Best vagina smalltalk ever.

Nee Naw. London ambo dispatcher's blog.

Totally unauthorised. A side of the film industry most never see.

I'm off to eat something foolish and ring peeps up and whinge.


Suzanne said...

Love the "Do gays cause tornados" piece - absolutely brilliant.

Sorry you're feeling so down, ducky. Get better soon.

Spike said...

Wasn't it but.

Ta muchly. I'm feeling a bit perkier after a poke round The Rocks this morning. Got some free maps as well. Maps always cheer me up.

Brownie said...

Spike! I thought you had died! I am so glad you are now cured of that. Keep it up mate.

I got here via Technorati 'Emma Tom' because today I am hating her (visit my blog for Post on it).