Monday, October 17, 2005

Photos from My Final Walk

My final walk in Woy Woy was Walk #68 - Brick Wharf Road on the 30th of September 2005. (2006 walkies here.)

Brick Wharf
(Big version)

The end of my final walk of the Woy Woy peninsula. A well-known local history site.

It says: "Brick Wharf site, dates from 1884, Gosford City Council, Heritage Item No 168". You can't see the original structure of the wharf but the foreshore juts out in a square shape.

The Woy Woy Tunnel was built in the 1880s. It's the longest railway tunnel in NSW, has 10 million bricks in it, is 1791 metres long (1.11 miles) and takes three minutes to go through on the train. Some bloke called Rock Davis brought the bricks in by boat to the wharf and they were moved to the tunnel site on the rails already laid this side of the tunnel. Hence Brick Wharf and Brick Wharf Road.

Brick Wharf Road
(Big version)

Sat on this seat when I finished my walk and soaked up the completion vibe and gazed out over Brisbane Water at all the other walks I can do.

The road runs along side the water most of the way. At the pub end there's the fish-n-chip shop, then the Memorial park then the flat grassy foreshore (see some photos here) then a few houses and the Bowls (the indoor bowling club-cum-pub), a couple more houses then the foreshore.

Foreshore from Brick Wharf
(Big version)

Looking in the direction of Blackwall Mountain. Early in the morning and at dusk this is dog-walkies central. It's very peaceful in the middle of the day.

Plans for more walks
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Suzanne said...

The top half of the brick wharf photo looks amazingly like a tapestry, very neat.

Spike said...

So it does. I hadn't noticed.

Got some more photos from that final walk I think. Will have to find them.

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled like a drunk into your blog, it's been a year coming, but congratulations on the completion of your walk. I like your blogs of the area we live in.

Spike said...
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Spike said...

Thanks, Anonymous. My most recent walks are here and the walkies I started after this one start here.

What area are you in?