Friday, October 28, 2005

St Hubert's Island Photos

St Hubert's Island Walk
St Hubert's Island Stuff

Daley's Point From St Hubert's Island
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Looking aross to Daley's Point from the park at Long Arm Parade on St. Hubert's Island.

Long Arm Parade Memorial
(Won't give you a link to the big version. Too fuzzy to read.)

Plaque no 1.: "Australia 1788 - 1988 From the State Govt., Gosford City Bicentennial history Subcommittee & the St. Huberts Island Resisents Association an Australian Bicentennial Project To commemorate the nation's Bicentenary in 1988".

Plaque no 2.: "Monday 3rd March, 1788 When the tide had slacken'd we picked up and found several small inlets between mangroves on one of which island we stop'd and pitch'd the tents: had a very hard rain all the morning Lieut. Wm Bradley March, 1788".

Plaque no 3.: "Tuesday, 4th While the tents and clothes were drying... a crab was caught and proved very good AM, at day light proceeded up... we found natives all the way up. Lieut. Wm Bradley March, 1788".

Plaque no 4.: "This plaque was laid on the 3rd of March 1988 to commemorate the landing in this vicinity of Gov. Phillip, Lieut. Hunter and their party on 3rd March 1788".

More St Hubert's Island photos to come.

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