Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pearl Beach Photos III

From Walk #67 - Pearl Beach.

Big Pink Flower
(Big version)

I like these. They're not usually as bright as this one is. Maybe my monitor's buggered.

Anyways, they're proteas or something. They're flowering right now. They cost five bucks a go at the florist.

Paul Landa Reserve
(Big version)

The park on the tip of Green Point. That's the Green Point at Pearl Beach, not the Green Point at Gosford.

Rock Ledge
(Big version)

One of those rock ledges fishermen get swept off. Below the park at the tip of Green Point.

Pittwater From Green Point
(Big version).

Looking down into Pittwater from the park at the tip of Green Point. That's Lion Island on the far left. Then Sandy Point. Clareville. Bilgola. Newport. Probably. Commodore Heights in Ku-ring-gai Park, a nameless point opposite Lion Island. And Green Point in the foreground. And a commercial fishing boat.

Ettalong From Green Point
(Big version)

Ettalong and Blackwall Mountain from the park at the tip of Green Point. The hills on the right are Daley's Point and Wagstaffe. The one on the left is Mt Ettalong (AKA Patonga Ridge).

Got the photos from my last walk to go yet. Gotta remember to put the fucking film in for developing.

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Vampire Librarian said...

My mother would dig one of those proteas up in a heart beat. I think I may have to get her one for X-mas.

Spike said...


They're mostly behind sturdy fences in private gardens, protected from such predations. But I can totally see your mum leaping the fence, shovel in hand, whilst exhorting you to keep an eye out.

writer said...

Magnificent photos.

Spike said...

Thank yer kindly.