Saturday, October 08, 2005

Catch Up

Mine Host has been and gone and got pnuemonia for the second time this year. He's on the mend now but there's a technical hitch as well. So my main blog ( won't be back up until November.

But such is life. This blog has sufficed so far and will until my main one is back up.

For readers of my main blog who've just joined us, I went to History Week, finished the Woy Woy Walk, did all of Park's Bay I could find, had more crap from my father and am starting the next walk next week.

In the right hand column (--->) is a map of my walkies plans. The orange coloured-in bits are the walks I've done so far. The orange outlines are planned walks that'll take me right round Brisbane Water.

Recent photos
Walk #51 - Plateau
Hist List
Walk #53
Walk #56 - Up The Mountain
Walk #56 - Up The Mountain
Walks #59 & 60 - Music To My Ears
Walk #64 - Fearsome Schmearsome
Walk #65 - Patonga
Walk #65 - Patonga II
Walk #65 - Patonga III
Walk #67 - Pearl Beach
Walk #67 - Pearl Beach II
Or go to Flickr & start here.


KJ said...

so i don't think I ever realized or even knew your last name. HI! Remember me? Hope all is well. Hello from Mid America.


Spike said...

Course I remember. That scary haircut photo seared you upon my mind's eye forever!