Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Photos from Walk #59

Rocky End

Umina Beach at the Mt Ettalong (AKA Patonga Ridge) end. Looking across at Little Box Head.

Rock & Trunk

Umina Beach at the Mt Ettalong (AKA Patonga Ridge) end.

Wedged under that rock there's a tree trunk washed up by the sea.

Berrima Close Panorama

360 degree panorama. The rocks on the far left are immediately behind the rocks on the far right.

Left to right: Rocks against the bottom of Mt Ettalong (AKA Patonga ridge), Berrima Close with the houses of Onthanna Terrace behind on the hill, the caravan park with Blackwall Mtn behind. Umina Beach up to the corner where the sandbar is. The hills of Killcare Heights, Wagstaffe & Little Box Head. The slope of Mt Ettalong at the end of the beach.

The big size is detailed. Big file though.

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Suzanne said...

Second pic from the top - Umina Beach - awesome.

Spike said...

Thank yer. Mind you it was such a nice spot it was hard to take a crappy photo. That end of the beach looks pretty ordinary from a distance. But when you get up close it's very pleasant.