Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hist List

Some stuff from my historical sites of Woy Woy list:

Blackwall Point Wharf Site

There was a wharf at Blackwall Point in the 1860s, acording to my list.

It's down as "off Blackwall Road, Blackwall Point". There's a public slipway and a carpark on Blackwall Point today and it's off Blackwall Road so I'm guessing that's where the wharf was.

Details visible on the biggest size.

King's Store & Booker Bay General Store

Stood there for yonks and still no clear shot. It was one of those days for traffic.

The Booker Bay General Store at 72 Booker Bay Road is in my history list as built circa 1918. The house on the back of the shop is lived in, presumably by the current owners.

King's Store at 78 Booker Bay Road is down as circa 1920. The house at the back is lived in and the shop itself is now part of the house by the look of it.

Booker Bay is one of the original villages on the Peninsula before it filled up with houses. You can see the village still in the number of pre-war houses around the bay.

Noonan's 1914

My history list for the Peninsula says Noonan's was built in 1914 (which you can see on the building itself). It's at 8-10 Blackwall Road, right near the station corner. One half of Noonan's is the funeral director. They have a good display of photos and stuff on Anzac day.

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