Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rita & Friends

Well, the nicest thing you can say about Rita is it wasn't as bad as it could've been.

But some bloke on the telly last night said the hurricane season's not over yet. Bloody hell.

Our cyclone season starts on Saturday and it's looking like a big one. They don't come as far down as Sydney of course but all across the Top End (top part of Australia) is in for a pounding.

There was a thing on the telly last year about an increase in storm activity and ferocity. A thirty year period of big hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons, big electrical storms, heaps of flash floods and that sort of thing. Better put that home insurance policy somewhere high and dry.

In Other News

Amid all the trouble and toil of the last fortnight I forgot to tell you my soldier friend is back from Iraq and once more on home soil. Woo hoo! No more getting shot at!

Well, okay, he didn't actually get shot at while he was there, what with being a signals geek thingy. But no sooner had he and his unit piled onto a transport home than violence increased in the town nearby.

Anyways, he's home and hosed now and can start putting himself about.


Suzanne said...

I like a story with a happy ending - buy him a pint of that real dark stuff for me.

Spike said...

:) re the happy ending.

The other night there was a report on the telly about one of our soldiers getting injured in Iraq. Which is bad news for the injured bloke but good news that he didn't get killed.