Friday, October 07, 2005

Pearl Beach Photos II

From Walk #67 - Pearl Beach.

Pearl Beach Lagoon
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Little narrow lagoon lurking between Coral Crescent & Diamond Street, Pearl Beach. There's houses backing onto it but a public park round it and plenty of ducks.

Dodgy Path
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This track goes off the access from Coral Crescent.

Note using it put you in danger of "death or serious injury". Coupla minutes later I saw someone cycling merrily along one of the dodgier parts.

Green Point
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A better photo of Pearl Beach & Green Point.

Behind the camera is Mt Ettlong (AKA Patonga Ridge) and behind that is Umina Beach & Woy Woy. To the right of the camera is Pearl Beach the township. To the left is the open sea as seen through the heads and Box Head.

Governor Phillip Strikes Again
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Top: "Pearl Beach visited 2 March, 1788".

Left: "At 9 at night moored the boats in a cove on the N. side of the bay off which the surf broke violently... They were met by a great number of the natives men, women and children... They were all very friendly. Lieut. Wm. Bradley R.N. March 1788".

Right: "We slept in the boat that night within a rocky point in the north-west part of the bay (which is very extensive) as the native tho very friendly appeared to be numerous. Gov. Capt. A. Phillip R.N."

Bottom: "This plaque was unveiled on 2nd March 1988 to commemorate the visit to Pearl Beach by Captain Phillip & party on 2nd March 1788".

"Lieut." is Lieutenant, "Wm." is William, "R.N." is the British Royal Navy, "Gov." is Governor, who is the representative of the Queen/King of England.

Walk #67 - Pearl Beach.
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