Sunday, October 02, 2005

Patonga Photos - Part III

From Walk #65 - Moonlight Bay.

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Barrenjoey Head

Left to right: Dark Corner. Barrenjoey Head. Commodore Heights in Ku-ring-gai Park.

Barrenjoey looks tiny from the side huh? I'd link you to a photo that shows it from the Woy Woy side but there isn't a clear one. Never realised before how hard it is to spot Barrenjoey in a photo.

Barrenjoey Head

Top to bottom, left to right:
Pearl Beach on the Woy Woy Peninsula. Box Head.
Patonga. Lion Island.
Commodore Heights (in Ku-ring-gai). Barrenjoey Head & lighthhouse.
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Newport & other Northern Beaches.
Scotland Island. Church Point.
Ingleside. Monavale.

* Above the * is Central Coast, below is Sydney.

Patonga Beach

That building on the right hand side is the corner shop, the bottle shop, the restaurant, the bait & tackle shop and the fish & chip shop. There is no other shop.

Dark Corner

From my hist list: "Houses (5), 'Dark Corner', Dark Corner, Patonga, permissive occupancies, c.1920s". No idea what permissive occupancies are.

On the right is Commodore Heights in Ku-ring-gai National Park.

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Anonymous said...

I live permanently in Patonga and my understanding of "permissive occupancy" of the houses in Dark Corner is that the houses can never be sold on an open market, the houses can only ever remain in the family and can never change hands — at least that is the way it was explained to me. Although if Gosford Council have their way, this may all change — for the worse!!!