Saturday, July 18, 2009

Glug glug

Woy Woy peninsula

This is Woy Woy peninsula as it is today. Not flooded. The peninsula is 1 metre above sea level. That's roughly 39 inches, American readers.

The tsunami warning a few days ago got everyone's brain ticking on where they would run to if the next warning is for real.

The peninsula is flat, except for the lone peak of Blackwall Mountain and the ridges at the back of the peninsula. We would all hurtle up the mountain or up the ridges obviously but what would it look like flooded?

Woy Woy peninsula flooded

Woy Woy under a couple of metres (roughly 6.5 feet) of tsunami.

Woy Woy peninsulaWoy Woy peninsula flooded

Would we all make it if a proper tsunami hit?

The population of the peninsula was roughly 35,000 in 2006 so let's call it 37,500 now.

And bear in mind that Woy Woy is the world's largest above-ground cemetery so we got a large number of Dear Old Things to be gathered up and hustled up the hill. And most of them would refuse to go without the budgie or their handbag.

So, assuming we all made it, with budgies and handbags, that's 37,500 bewildered people perched atop Blackwall Mountain and crowded into the half dozen streets high enough to be above the new water-line.

Interesting scenario.

Let's just have another stunned look at the peninsula under flood, shall we?

Woy Woy peninsula flooded

There it is.

I can't see my house.

I can't see my walkies.

All I can see is the top few floors of the Excrescence, the new island that used to be Blackwall Mountain and the deck of The Rip Bridge.

Railway station? Gone.

Pubs? Gone.

Bustling Downtown Woy Woy? Gone.

West Street? Gone.

Booker Bay? Gone.

Ettalong? Gone.

Umina Beach? Gone.

Pelican Island? Gone.

Rileys Island? Gone.

St Huberts Island? Gone.


michael said...

Ahh Crap!!!!!

Ron Bloomquist said...

Well I sure hope you post a blog about it!

No sniveling!

Spike said...

Michael, if it comes to that I plan to buy an old ferry and run the only floating pub in town. Er, in what used to be town.

Ron, rubber waders and wireless connection are go!