Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hairy maps of Tassie


This is actually a sick note but I thought I'd enliven it with a title from a visitor to the Ducktionary. When you get a stats thingy on yer blog, you can go in and have a gander at how people got to you and what search terms the random visitors used. Like "hairy map of Tassie".

Ducktionary's visitors' favourites:

tracky daks
guest of her majesty
sausage sanger

And, in a short-lived burst of energy, I added The Illustrated Ducktionary. From little things slightly bigger things grow, to misquote Kev Carmody.

Great Manly Debate Part 2

Michael popped up to the look-out at Gerrin Point for us. Well, slogged really. There's outdoor stairs and crap and we've been having a parting shot from summer over the last week or so. Hot sunny days. Thank yer kindly, Michael, for services to Coasties.

Michael's Gerrin Point photos

To get to my point

So anyways, this sick note. I am buggered. Too much pain lately on top of too much family-related angst. Have been up this morning since fucking 4 A-fucking-M. Again.

It's now fucking 10AM and I've been slaughtering typos and deleting circular sentences and random irrelevancies in this post for about 3 hours. Might be time to give up and lay on the sofa for a week with a stack of DVDs. Call it two weeks, just to be on the safe side. Which is ... the start of April. Might be back before that but don't put money on it.


I am not nearly dead, ta for asking. I get emails from lurkers every now and then asking if I've got something fatal. Much appreciated emails BTW but don't worry about me popping off.


michael said...

just want to clarify something I didnt go to Gerrin Point (I didnt even know where it was until i had to look it up in the UBD) i was no where near it - I went to marie byles lookout which is just off the scenic road at killcare - parked in the car park which is right at the lookout and slogged it out walking a few steps from the car to the lookout itself - lol

Pattie UK. said...

Sorry your not well...
miss your lovely photos and news.I do hope you feel better soon.Can you just let us know how you are? thanks. Pattie.Uk

Inexplicable DeVice said...

You're not dead now, are you? I would cross over briefly to check, but it'd be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Besides, it stings nearly as much as traversing the inter-universal barrier!

Spike said...


Ta very much.

*sticks out of haystack*

Not dead. Back soonish.

Ta for asking.

michael said...

hope to see you back soon spike in the meantime i found this on flickr and I thought you might be interested in having a look:


old photos and advertisments from the gosford district very interesting

Anonymous said...

I lurked from Wow Wow b4 I left for four months. Even lurked from overseas. Now on my return I see you are still silent... :-( Sniff. Will u ever be back? D.A.

Spike said...

All, ta very kindly for not abandoning ship even though I appeared to have. Much appreciated.

D.A. Lurker, you lurked even on your holidays? That's dedication :)

*group hug*