Monday, March 08, 2010

Putty Beach

Back again. How was yer February? Hot (Straylyans)? Snowy (Mericans)? Hello, Melbourne, that big hail all melted now?

New computer's buggerising around, by the way, so this won't be a very talky post.

Path to Putty Beach Killcare

Through the banksias and pigface to the sand.

Pottering along on Putty Beach Killcare

Putty Beach is an ocean beach. That's the Tasman Sea right there.

Ettalong Beach is an estuary beach but Putty Beach is on yer actual coast proper, on the edge of the Tasman. Which is between us and Kiwiland (New Zealand) and at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean. (Mappage at end of post.)

Barrenjoey Head from Putty Beach Killcare

Anyways, it's a beach. From it you can see Barrenjoey Head, where the lighthouse is. Squint a bit and you can see it in this photo. White job with a bit of red.

You can drive to Putty Beach from Ettalong, over The Rip Bridge, along Empire Bay Road, right into Wards Hill Road, right into The Scenic Drive, round two hairpin bends, left into Beach Drive and down to the carpark at the end. You can a bus there from Woy Woy station. In the Christmas holidays, you can get a ferry there, the old Cockatoo ferry.

Sydney from Putty Beach Killcare

A few people told me that big cliffy bit there on the left is Manly/North Head but it looks way too close to me. On the other hand, I got no idea what it is so maybe they're right.

North Head is one side of the mouth of Sydney Harbour. The Manly ferry (the biggest of the Sydney ferries) goes across to the inside part of North Head, the Manly part. It goes fairly close to the mouth of the harbour and when the sea is really big the Manly ferry gets cancelled. (Mappage at end of post.)

Putty Beach map

Putty Beach, Hardys Bay, Barrenjoey Head, which way to Sydney.

Sydney Harbour map

Manly, North Head, Sydney Harbour and which way to Woy Woy.

More maps


American readers note that this is a thong. Now you can see why we giggle when you talk about wearing thongs on yer bums (butts).

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michael said...

Welcome back spike
I dont think that is north head/manly either i am looking at a map of sydney and it looks like it could be just south of whale beach which is next beach down from palm beach
manly doesnt look like irt sticks out that far

Woy Woy Steve said...

wb Spike , when I work at Manly in Darley St I am up 8 storeys and with the aid of the clients telescope you can get a nice view down to Killcare Beach and Maitland Bay , so that is North Head most protruding with the lower headland being Long Reef

michael said...

sorry steve but i dont think it is its too close

Jimmy Little said...

"American readers note that this is a thong. Now you can see why we giggle when you talk about wearing thongs on yer bums (butts)."

Ah, this isn't an American thing, it's an Australian thing — it's much of the rest of the English-speaking world laughing at Australians for wearing thongs on their feet….

Woy Woy Steve said...

You could be right there young Micheal , it's hard to tell from the size of the pic , I refuse to further this debate until I have the original pic lol
From Google Earth the first big headland in the line of sight is Careel Headland , Long Reef then North head so you could well be right , the 3D terrain doesnt give real good look at the landform,
As the crow flies North Head is only 30 km away , thats Woy Woy to East Gosford and back not that far really

michael said...

I was only going off the maps in the UBD street directory for sydney
I am pretty sure that up at the lookout just past killcare there they have a map that tells you what you are looking at- may have to go up there and have a look