Friday, June 15, 2007

Hunter Collectors

Damaged fence

This is pretty much the extent of the visible damage in Bustling Downtown Woy Woy.

The Dear Old Things, however, had hair-raising tales and Michael won't mind me dragging his comment onto this post:

the power was out in certain parts for anything up to 3 days my aunt who lives at booker bay didnt get power back until monday afternoon!!!

i was down at umina last saturday morning and the northern side of west st, all the shops were shut (from Bi Lo [near Ocean Beach Road corner] down) because they didnt have power and the other side everything was operating as normal because they had power but that was back to normal by sunday night

Shit. Must've been bloody cold with no power for that long. Hope yer aunty didn't freeze, Michael.

We're copping more storms this weekend and in the same areas hit last weekend. Gale force winds are predicted and the newsreader on Aunty just said to batten down the hatches.

Go to Hunter Collectors for photos of the beached ship at Newcastle/Nobbys Beach and other storm damage in the worst hit areas. Residents' photos of the worst damage aren't online yet due to power black-outs and shorted out computers.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Gosh, I've missed so much. And I was only away for a couple of days! Your floods certainly put our 2-or-3-inches-of-rain-in-one-night catastrophe last night into perspective. Still, at least the gardens won't need watering.

I'm sorry to hear about your mum, but mindful of the earlier post, I'll say no more.

I hope you're OK, Spike darling?

Spike said...

Thank yer kindly. I'm okay.

Our 300 mils beats your 3 inches! The garden will not need watering until 2010.

Am fully battened down in preparation for tonight's storm. Candles and matches to hand, sandwich rations bought and all batteries fully charged in case the power goes out again. But I'll be damned if I'll be having a cold shower and I intend to boil a cuppa tea over a candle.

michael said...

I think she was ok I didnt hear from her but her son in law told me she got the power back on monday afternoon the storm also knocked out some phone and mobile services as well
I was lucky i didnt lose any power or phones

Casade said...

Hey Spike,

I haven’t been on much, (about a month to be precise) I always feel weird when I don’t come on here honestly, (cause its a such a great site). I have known of this site for a year now, I just love it. Anyways, geeze a lot has happened. Oh and it’s nice to finally know a bit about you, as you had answered that curious blogger’s Questions.

Well, just to respect your feelings, I will only say that I hope your ok. I think you know what I mean (since you said you have gotten so many sorry replies)
And I just also hope that you don’t cop any bad storms where you live. I live in Sydney, and even down here the weather, is well monsoon like.

In the letter of your friend, Umina was mentioned. I didn’t even know Umina was hit by those ghastly storms and rain until I read that letter.

I actually have a mate of mine that lives up in Umina, on rampart road. I hope he's ok too. Would you actually know how bad it would have been up on that street, as I haven’t been able to get in touch with him on his mobile.

Anyways I better go. Take Care!

Sandra (Casade)

Spike said...

Device dear, saw your rain on the telly. Flooding and everything. Foot and mouth, mad cows, now flooding. Green and pleasant isle my arse!

Michael, glad to hear she was okay. It was pretty miserable in the cold and dark from what I hear.

Sandra (Casade), thank yer kindly.

You seemed to be copping a fair bit of the weather even in Sydney. Dramatic footage last night on Aunty of the Manly ferry struggling against the wind and massive waves breaking over it. Woy Woy is so little damaged you'd hardly think there'd been a storm.

Re your Rampart friend, this guy lives in the same street and it looks like just trees, power and phones down there. No reports in the local papers or on the goss grapevine of injuries or worse there.