Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thanks & no thanks

No thanks

In 2005 Simon Lindsay (AKA Doddery Old Fart of Rest Area 300m) saved the life of a truckie. But his and his fellow road-workers' rescues of other drivers in trouble on NZ's roads have gone almost entirely unreported.

The truckie had passed out from a reaction to a bee sting. Simon revived him after finding him slumped over the wheel on the roadside. He got the truckie breathing again, his fellow road-workers got onto emergency services and set up a road block to allow a rescue chopper to land on the road. A passing paramedic stopped to help and the local copper also. This was reported in the news as the paramedic and copper reviving the guy.

Simon was not enraged by the lack of mention for himself and his work-mates but it was another instance of their rescue efforts being attributed to others.

Simon and his fellow road-workers get plenty of stick and sod all acknowledgement.


There's a small notice taped to the side of the Westpac bank on Blackwall Road Woy Woy. It thanks passer-by for helping the note's author's wife when she needed medical attention there recently.


Repairing storm damage Railway Street opp. Ocean Beach Road Woy Woy

Railway or Council workers laying rows of old tyres to stabilise a dodgy bit of the bank in Woy Woy Inlet.

Without these guys the railway would end up in the bay and the Central Coast would get cut off from Sydney again.

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