Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not again

Yesterday the current Australian Prime Minister (President) John Howard announced he's going to send in troops to Aboriginal communities in Australia to force health checks on Aboriginal children.

That frightens me and I'm white.

The government has the authority to remove any child from its parents if there's enough pieces of paper generated to say that child is in danger.

From there it's not that far to another Stolen Generation.

Whitefellas, think about it from your own self-interest: What would another Stolen Generation do to our international reputation?

We'd be fucking pariahs. Every time we said something reasonable even grubby little dictatorships could whisper behind their hands about us. Tourists would go somewhere else instead of bringing their money here. People in countries we visit would turn away from us in the streets.

141 days to the next election.


Belongum said...

I'm bloody disgusted Spike... and I'm avoiding posting on this topic - it angers me fair down to my core!

There's been so much reported, so many cries and pleads for help, so many meetings, so many broken agreements - or agreements that are so far one sided and weighted down in bureaucracy (if you do the righty by our agreement, we'll put in a petrol bowser for you... there's a good blackfella!) it frightens me half to death. So many Aboriginal people have asked for help on so many levels over this subject - and have been doing so for far longer then I've been walking around on this planet!

If we were able to collect and mound up all the evidence presented in writing, all the studies, all appeals, and all the suggestions... I'd be willing to bet that 'mound' would be high enough for us to see the ocean from, and do it on a bad day! This problem has been documented and put in the public eye for as long as I can remember. Suddenly it's a State of Emergency - now!?

And it isn't that these community's aren't willing to change - they simply don't have the wherewithal to do so. This type of change requires skills and leadership that we struggle to find in our own MAINSTREAM society - right now - where these very same issues are occurring. If we're struggling THIS side of the fence to address this - how in hell will we get it done right over on THAT side?

How will this government meet it's objectives, how will it monitor it's staff's behaviour, how do they honestly think they'll roll this out on the ground, how WILL THEY ENSURE the public of the QUALITY of this intervention - for which we're paying for through our taxes? This requires more then just police and a heavy hand.

I'm so angry about this I have to stop...

Sorry mate.


Spike said...

Suddenly it's a State of Emergency - now!?

Yeah. Call me cynical but isn't it an election year?

how do they honestly think they'll roll this out on the ground, how WILL THEY ENSURE the public of the QUALITY of this intervention

I'm worrying a lot about that. Are they going to do background checks that the (white) doctors they're sending in aren't paedophiles? Doubt it.

An elder on the ABC news has just called it "a trojan horse". She is spot bloody on.