Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feast of flowers

Spring sprung a week or so ago. A few photos collected on brief respites from working and a few from last year. All are flowering right now.

Cherry blossoms

Pink cherry blossoms against the dark grey of the branches and the blue sky.


Taken at some flower show in Sydney. Proteas mostly, though that looks like it might be a yellow waratah in the left foreground there.

The big one like a pink fence around a white dome is a King Protea.

The small red one behind it is an Australian native. Weird bugger it is too, not a flower as such, just the last dozen leaves on the branch go red and have a stamen as the branch's final point. The yellow one on the left edge of the photo is the same thing only yellow.

Big Pink Flower

Another type of King Protea. Taken last year in Pearl Beach. Big bugger, as big as two fists.

White & pink bush

Charming flowers on a small bush at a block of flats somewhere on the Peninsula.

Purple & white daisies

A carpet of purple and white daisies. Love them.

Bank of pink azaleas

Azaleas. They're going a bit berserk on the Peninsula right now. Great heaps of them glowing in the morning sun.

Jasmine is going berserk as well, cascading over weathered wooden fences in a most delightful manner. The wisteria is just starting to come into bloom. Can't hardly wait for that. One of my all-time favourites.

Melaleuca flower

Could be Melaleuca squamea. "Erect shrub or small tree to 3m high with corky bark" says the book. Couldn't see the bark but the rest fits.

Grevillea acanthifolia or hookeriana

Grevillea acanthifolia or hookeriana. One of Device dear's favourite weirdo flowers.

Golden grevillea flowers

Its golden cousin.

Gymea Lilly

Gymea lily. This particular one is from West Gosford and fared rather poorly in the big storms of July. This is its before photo.

Speaking of sexy beasts

Gorgeous woman down at Whatsit Street this morning. A strapping lass, voice like steam train. She was ticking off this guy on her mobile, boyfriend or something and clearly a numb-nuts. He'd buggered up and she was giving him hell, pointing out his faults for the world to hear. I heard her from two blocks away and inside a shop and she wasn't even yelling, just raising her voice a bit and calmly listing his inadequacies. If she'd yelled they woulda heard her in Tassie.

From a girl like that, a knock-back would be almost as pleasurable as a shag.

Maybe she was having a go at the drug-fucked pisshead rail workers who appeared on YouTube. One of them appears to be from Umina.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ah, if only NumbNuts had bought Steamtrain Voice a bouquet of Grevilleas!

Blabberon said...

...It would be a waste of flowers.

Great photos, Spike!

I guess you summed up the good the bad and the uglyin one blog!.

Spike said...

Device dear, I suspect she would've rammed it up his portal. That I'd like to see on YouTube.

Ron, ta re the photos.

Nooooo! She was sexy. A fine lass who's probably got a left like Les Darcy.

Might have a little lie down now.

Pattie. said...

That King Protea is superb

Spike said...

Thank yer. They are rather magnificent.