Friday, September 21, 2007

On the outside

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Gatehouse & exterior buildings Fremantle Prison

Gatehouse of Freo Prison flanked by lovely old buildings used as housing for Governor, sky pilot, Surgeon and whatnot.

As they came up the hill towards it, prisoners can't have failed to notice the contrast between the bare stone of the gatehouse and the limed and painted buildings on either side of it.

Exterior building Fremantle Prison

All the exterior buildings of the prison were lovely. Their architectural style is Victorian Georgian (circa 1840-circa 1890) and the red-and-white theme is classic Freo. I love the simplicity of this style and I've always loved the red-and-white look of Freo.

They're all government buildings still, except the B&B on the end I think. They're now used by crowds like Greening Australia and other government sub-departments. And they've got a lovely view from the 1st floor of the footy oval (directly opposite across the road) and out to sea (Gage Roads).

Exterior building Fremantle Prison now a B&B

Former prison officer housing at the end of The Terrace and the Knutsford Street/The Terrace corner of the wall. Now a B&B. Would be a pretty good place to stay in Freo. Nice and leafy and 2 blocks from the action. Not bad inside neither.

Exterior building Fremantle Prison

The Surgeon's house, up the Fothergill Street end, where Moondyne Joe got out, next to the old stables. That's the old stables to the right.

The Surgeon's house is not limed or whitewashed like the ones up around the gate and you can see the beautiful golden colour of the aging limestone. The green on the veranda is the British Racing Green usually associated with Federation buildings.

Couple more photos

Ta, Michael for inspiring the title of today's post. Nicked it out of the theme song to that old Prisoner show off the telly. My Nana was addicted to that crap fine piece of televised socio-anthropology.


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Haven't added 'footy' to the Ducktionary yet.

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