Saturday, July 12, 2008

A little house by the water

For long-winded and boring reasons, I can't yet upload the photos I took while I was offline. So we'll look at a few of my favourite wee old houses around Woy Woy and Brisbane Water.

Mulhall Street Wagstaffe

#1 (Map reference)
We'll start with this lovely old place overlooking the water from Mulhall Street Wagstaffe. Its owner, Geoff, tells us it was built in 1907 and the bargeboards (those curly white boards on the edge of the roof) are original.

Geoff on the house's history

Foreshore at Leonora Avenue Davistown

On the water at Leonora Avenue Davistown. Just a few steps from the Lintern Street ferry stop and there you are. Bloody nice spot for a house.

Henderson Road Saratoga

A home among the gum trees. Just like the song says. Henderson Road Saratoga, looking across the Lintern Channel to Woy Woy.

Sorrento House Sorrento Road Empire Bay

Sorrento House Sorrento Road Empire Bay. One street back from the water and 30 seconds from the Empire Bay ferry stop. Must be 18 months now since this one was bulldozed.

Albany Street Point Frederick

Albany Street Point Frederick (Longnose), looking down into Caroline Bay and across at Peeks Point.

Croke Cottage at St Joseph's Orphanage Kincumber South

Croke Cottage, in the grounds of the old orphanage at Kincumber South. Out the back door and twenty yards down to the water. The old orphanage ferry stop is about 60 yards away. A very quiet spot at the mouth of the Kincumber Broadwater.

Twin houses Parks Bay

Twin houses at Parks Bay, just across the water (and the railway tracks) from Woy Woy.

Meena Street Woy Woy Bay

Meena Street Woy Woy Bay, circa 1908, just across the water from Woy Woy. Sharp-eyed persons will have noticed this lovely old place in the background of interviews with Belinda "Anger Management Issues" Neal, of Iguana-gate fame.

Ocean View Road Ettalong

Lovely old house on Ocean View Road Ettalong. This is its back view. It looks across Lance Webb Reserve to Wagstaffe and, further, to Barrenjoey Head.

Cedar Crescent Woy Woy

Cedar Crescent Woy Woy, looking over the tops of the houses opposite across the water to St Huberts Island and Davistown. That glassed-in veranda is the perfect spot to settle down on a cold winter morning with the sun coming in and a nice hot cuppa tea and a bacon sarnie.

Match the # numbers on the photos to the map.

(Thepurple dots are the route of the ferry Saratoga, the other dots are the route of the Cockatoo ferry Codock II.)


Is it just me or does everyone hear that line "I had an uncle who once played for red star belgrade" in Sexuality as 'I had an uncle who once laid a red star brigade'?


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I think #3 is my favourite - Especially that little pagoda-thing on the corner of the veranda.

I'd love a house nestled among some trees. Instead, I've got a house nestled amongst other houses...

michael said...

At the end of Cedar Cresent is an old nursing home and I believe it was also the home of Rock Davis a boatbuilder
I went for a walk around a couple of streets in Pymble yesterday and took some photos of some lovely old houses there

Spike said...

LOL, Device dear.

That wee pagoda thing would be a nice pot for a bit of genteel tea-sipping of an afternoon.

It is indeed, Michael. Lovely old place.

You got a Flickr thingy or summat for them?

michael said...

I have an account on flickr but no photos up on there I think i will put them up sometime they are quite nice and there are some other pics I took with my mobile that I might put up there too I took a photo of the fog that was just off the ground at Rogers park last night quite spooky but the photo didnt turn out the way I wanted it

michael said...

just an update -
I have just uploaded those photos and some others onto flickr this evening - just type in 'sydneyboy2000' and they should come up

Spike said...


Fog and mist is tricky. Mine just look like I forgot to lean the lens :(

Love the wee isolated country station (

Spike said...

This one ( I particularly like. Can I suggest cropping off the bottom to the top of the pole?