Saturday, July 26, 2008


Theroy's Brisbane Water Drive Point Clare

Theroy's is gone. It was one of my favourite buildings in the area. It was up at Point Clare on Brisbane Water Drive, just across from the Pt Clare railway station. It was an old chemist.

Built circa 1920, fibro with a fifties facade added onto the front of it and a shopkeeper's residence attached to the side (right). It had been empty for yonks and a new chemist built beside it, a brick job with a long switchback ramp, instead of steps, for the Dear Old Things to get up to the door.

55 Brisbane Water Drive Point Clare

The wee old shop is gone as well. It was between Theroy's and the corner of Talinga Avenue. It wasn't number 5. It had a couple more numbers but they kept dropping off. It might've been number 155 but don't quote me on that.

Can't be sure of the shop's date but I'm willing to say around 1900. As for the style, I'll go with Plain Old Shopfront. Which is not an official style but a well-known one.

Notice the window on this end of the shopfront is longer. The door used to be there. Or rather, the wee ramp up to the door used to be there. The door itself ws set back about eight feet from the front of the shop, in the old way, and the wee ramp led up to it. There's a similar style here in Ettalong, minus the ramp.

Cnr Brisbane Water Drive & Talinga Avenue Point Clare

Between Theroy's and the wee old shop was a fibro house of uncertain age, which squatted silently behind a hedge. On the other side, on the corner of Talinga Avenue was a front yard of trees with another old fibro house lurking rustily behind them. I liked that corner. I liked the trees and the wee old house and I liked Theroy's. I don't care that they were mostly derelict, I liked them.

The fish shop is still there on the other corner.

Map showing the demolition/building site
Map showing Point Clare & Woy Woy

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Skippys List, 213 things Skippy can't do in the army, is olden but golden.

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Babel Fish is a translator bot. It's named after a small wet fish invented by Douglas Adams. There is a link to it on my sidebar for the convenience of non-English speakers who read this blog.

BabelFish the bot translates from one language to another automatically. You just bung a slab of text into the bot and it translates it into your language.

It works on picking the most likely meaning of a word so you can get some very entertaining translations.

You can also get some weird and disturbing translations. F'rinstance, when I write 'a wee bit of rain' Babel Fish translates it to 'a urine part of rain' in some languages. This may cause alarm and dismay amongst innocent readers.

So, in the spirit of clearing things up, I've made another translation thingy, a Spiketionary.

(And I've added chook strangler to the Ducktionary by the way, Ron.)


michael said...

I think Aldi's is going in where those shops were I am pretty sure i posted something about itages ago in another post you did

Spike said...

Indeed you did. And the general muttering on the Peninsula is also Aldi.

BTW, I notice the R has been taken off the Peninsula Plaza or whatever it is on Blackwwall Road but there's still one on an elderly sign up near the station. Over the drycleaners or thereabouts.

Spike said...

D'oh! Forgot to say my holiday was cancelled. Where the fuck is my brain. I had it here last month.

Team Gherkin said...

It's sad when little local places like that end up demolished for the sake of alleged 'progress'. The little corner shops where I grew up (Northern Beaches) got demolished to make way for a bleedin' medical centre! Pooh.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Is it just me, or is the back end of that little shop sinking?

I hope you get/got a refund for your holiday?

Erica said...

sorry the old shops have gone, we always passed them on the home run and I thought one day I'd stop and take a photo - now too late...

on Babelfish - thought it funny when I entered the url for a foreign flickr profile, as you'd know the profile let you state if you are male/female, partnered or single
Babelfish translated the 'female and taken' as 'a compromised woman'....hhmmmmm

Spike said...

Mal, shame. A nice wee corner can make a suburb/town. Medical centres seem to be soulless buildings.

Device dear, the photo was slightly legless I suspect.

Didn't get a refund but it was a free holiday anyways so I came out even. Could have used the holiday though.

Erica, you said: I thought one day I'd stop and take a photo - now too late

That's happened to me a few times and I've learnt to take the photo when I'm there and whatever the light is like.

Babelfish translated the 'female and taken' as 'a compromised woman'

LOL. One of the weirder ones.