Monday, July 28, 2008

Snow & disgruntlement

Woy Woy Road still fucking closed

"Woy Woy Road is still fucking closed" the sign reads. One for frustrated locals.

Sent in by Steve of Ta mate.

In other news

It snowed in Sydney. Well, sorta. There was "soft hail" on the North Shore.

Sydney 'snow' just hail: weather bureau

Flickr photo


Team Gherkin said...

Yeah, that aint snow! But that would've been pretty darn cool for them Sydneysiders, certainly!

You want to see real snow? You should have come out this way (Bathurst)... plenty of the fair dinkum stuff laying about the place. Really pretty, actually.

Mal :)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

How I wish it would snow here. So hot...

That sign's not real, is it? very cool if it is. said...

hehe no it's not real , I made it on one of those sign generator sites ( hundreds of em )
heres the url for this one
p.s it won't be long until I find the mobile phone hack that will change the real sign at Woy Woy rail crossing muahahahahaha !

Spike said...

Mal, I loved how the Sydneysider kids were all serious and sedately patting the snow into snowmen ans the adults were grinning like big kids.

Saw your snow on the telly. You get it every few years no?

Device dear, can you not get cool by taking Broom up very high with no undies on?

Steve, you evil creature, you'd be a legend in yer own lifetime.

michael said...

I cant wait until Woy woy road opens either I have heard at the end of August it will be open

go on do it steve I dare ya to!!!! lol

Spike said...

Michael, do you see in the local rag (PN) last week it had it will re-open end of August in one column then right fucking next to it that it'll re-open in a couple of months.


michael said...

Does the PN stand for Penunsula News? if so I didnt see that I dont get that publication I hope it is open by late August I am getting sick of going up through west gosford just to go sydney

on another topic did you see that the servo on the corner of west st and ocean beach road at umina (the one that is closed) is to become a caltex/woolworths outlet?

Spike said...

Yep, PN is Peninsula News. I can never find one when I want one then there's heaps of the bastards when I don't.

How long does that add to a Sydney trip?

Re the servo, I did. Seems like bloody aeons that bugger has been fenced off.

michael said...

not sure how much extra time it takes but it adds an extra 2-3 kms to the trip to sydney

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