Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the water

Only things and angles of things seen from the water are in this post.

The Rip Bridge Daleys Point end

The bridge nestled into a bit of bush at the Daleys Point end. The other end is at Booker Bay.

The Rip Bridge

Old wooden boat Hardys Bay

Old wooden boat in Hardys Bay. Is it me or does this boat have a certain ferry-ness about its lines?

St Huberts Island ramp St Huberts Island

Ramp to St Huberts Island. A very well-known feature of the landscape to locals but a sloping ramp to an island is probably not a common sight.

It's not as steep as it looks. A person with a 40-a-day habit could get up there without an ambulance.

1950s Empire Bay Drive Daleys Pt nr St H's ramp

From the road and other shores all you can really see of Daleys Point is all those balconied houses from the 1970s to now.

But nestled in among them, dozing in the sun, are little old houses bearing witness to the price of land on the waterfront just a few decades ago.

1950s & 40s Empire Bay Drive Daleys Pt nr St H's ramp

1950s and 1940s houses nestled down among the big balconied houses.

Merritts Wharf Rickard Road Empire Bay

Merritts Wharf, at the end of Rickard Road Empire Bay.

Meritts Wharf Estate 1912

The "Anniversary Day" referred to in that link is now called Australia Day

Rickard Road Empire Bay

Perched above Merrits Wharf on Rickard Road Empire Bay. You can see it in the photo above.

The style could be Federation Arts & Crafts and it could be Federation Queen Anne (both circa 1890 - c. 1915) but I think it's Victorian Rustic Gothic (circa 1840 - c. 1890) with its Rustic ripped off. The Rustic bits are generally wooden bargeboards and that rough-ish stone you can just see under all that ivy.

There are only a few houses I really fancy. This is one of them.

Clean forgot to blog yesterday. Got to bed at dawn. Still got that stunned mullet feeling today. Off to another barbie in a bit. Sunshine, bit of breeze, the scent of firelighters, beer and sausage sangers. Bliss.

Excellent photo

Ghost Ship by New Found Hero (Glen Holdaway) on Flickr. Clicking on the "go large" link is recommended.

Dear Old Games

Been thinking about death and old age recently, what with losing so many of my own oldies. My grandmothers were both in their nineties but my grandfathers died young and all around me are old men drinking themeselves into the grave. I'm fucked if I'll end up like that.

My Gran and Olive Riley were good Dear Old Role Models. I'm aiming for the way Gran and Olive did it and the way the Masters Games crowd are doing it.

On the telly last week there was a thing about some bloke of around 70 who rode 50 kays to get to the start line and then won his race then entered another. Can't find the bloody link but I remember he planned to ride home after. Bugger me, that's fit.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Posted a couple of weeks back about the Woy Woy local at the Beijing Paralympics and missed a perfect opportunity to start a chant:

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Woy Woy Woy!

Bewildered Americans click here


Woy Woy Steve said...

Nice photos Spike good to see the sun back kinda ....
I reckon that boat is an old fishing trawler by the look of the cabin ,possibly extended to turn it into a pleasure craft , though the hull does have a certain classic shape to it
One often wonders what happened to all those hundreds of boats built around here back then , I read the remains of the S.S Woy Woy lay in a mangrove creek somewhere up north in QLD

Spike said...

Thatnk yer kindly.

The bastard is in and out like a fiddler's elbow. Nice crack of thunder overhead the other day but.

I read the remains of the S.S Woy Woy lay in a mangrove creek somewhere up north in QLD

Poor old duck!