Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Paperbark Forest

(Woy Woy walkies)

Missed the Everglades Wetland talk completely. Buggered off to Point Clare in the morning having completely forgotten the talk was on in Woy Woy. Scampered back in time to see the last of the organisers leaving. D'oh!

Everglades Wetland Woy Woy
Everglades Wetland Woy Woy (Click for embiggened versions)

Everglades Wetland is the proper name of the Paperbark Forest. It is a narrow silver of bushland beside the golf course on Dunban Road in Woy Woy.

This photo is the lagoon. The floating weed in the left foreground is alligator weed, according to one of the Dear Old Things. Got here from South America a while back in the ballast of a ship.

The trees are mostly paperbarks (Melaleuca quinquenervia, with a casuarina (she-oak, Allocasuarina) poking its head up there in the left of the photo. The casuarinas have a beautiful sound, a soft rushing howl in the wind.

The reeds are some sort of reed I can't find anything out about. Can't find much at all on the Everglades Wetland online. This is off some wildlife website:

"The lagoon...habitat for birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals." (CEN, includes map)

So it's home to various native birds and beasties. Plus a few golf balls no doubt, given that the golf course is only a fence away.

Paperbark Forest Kerrawah Blvd Woy Woy
The bark of a paperbark in the wetland

The foliage of the local paperbarks is like this and not like the photo at the top of the Wiki page. Smallish flat tough leaves, wee nuts in short rows along the twigs, small creamy white and pale yellow flowers.

The Aborigines used to and still use the bark of the paperbark for all sorts of things from making cradles for babies and shrouds for the dead, bandages for wounds, sleeping mats, humpies (tent-like shelters) and canvasses for paintings. There are some paperbark paintings in Australian art galleries but now most Aboriginal artists use yer bog standard painting canvas.

Modern science is using the oil of the paperbark as an anti-fungal for all sorts of things, including Siamese Fighting Fish. (Wiki)

Casuarina foliage
Casuarina foliage

Casuarina foliage close-up
See original photo at Wiki

Casuarinas have needles instead of leaves. Very fine needles which, if you have a good squint at them up close, have got segments like tiny wee bamboo poles.

Fake raffle targeting Woy Woy's elderly

Tell yer granny not to open the door to strangers.

From the NSW Police site:

"Bogus raffle ticket sellers steal from elderly
26 Sep 2008

Police are urging elderly residents to be on lookout for bogus raffle ticket sellers after four robberies on the Central Coast this month.

On each occasion, a group of teenagers have stolen money from each victims home after offering to sell them what turn out to be fake raffle tickets.

The group have falsely claimed to be selling tickets on behalf of a local youth or netball club.

They have been able to enter each home either by being invited in after gaining the victims trust, or by being allowed to use the victims’ toilet.
“We are advising residents to...[ask] to see some form of identification".

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michael said...

just off topic a bit spike - looks like we are finally getting Aldi's at umina apprently the company have bought the 2 adjoining empty blocks in trafalgar ave across the road from the asian grocery and the computer shop and they have bought the ajoinining shops as well

Spike said...


Do we really need another bloody supermarket? How about a nice park for the kiddies instead.

Erica said... just finished telling someone how safe Woy Woy was and now we find it's the crime capital of the Raffle Scam Mob!!..would never happen in Synney..

michael said...

i agree with you spike we dont need another supermarket down here I hate shopping at Aldi anyway never have anything i want

Woy Woy Steve said...

Another Aldi wot happened to the one at Point Claire
The one at Umina is already colluding with Woolworths , I'm sure they will all be price fixing happily together
Lower prices ? - not when you have a captive audience .........

Erica said...

The Point Clare Aldi is progressing hugely (just the foundations are dwarfing all around it) where I live in outer Sydney we have 1 Aldi 2 Franklins and 3 Woolworth supermarkets in a space the size of Woy Woy, cheapest of all is the WW opposite Aldi.

michael said...

dont forget to throw Coles into that mix as well Steve - they are about to upgrade the BiLo store

Spike said...

Erica, LOL, so I did. Don't you listen to her Pommy Lee!

Michael, I'd never even heard of it until they started on about the one at Point Clare.

Steve, bastards!

Erica (again) said Point Clare Aldi ...just the foundations are dwarfing all around it

Yeah, and why do they have to be so orange! They fucking better plant something concelaing in front of them.

Michael (again), on West Street?

michael said...

the umina aldi story only came up in the last week or so and yes its the bi lo in umina west st that is getting upgraded

Spike said...