Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rumbalara Reserve

(Gosford walkies #35)

Green Point from Yaruga Look-Out Rumbalara Reserve Gosford
Reasonable resolution at bigger sizes (click it)

Green Point from Yaruga Look-Out Rumbalara Reserve Gosford

Green Point* is at the end of Kincumba Mountain, that flattish bulk of hill taking up most of the left side of the view. I have done no walkies there yet.

The area in the foreground is, on the left, East Gosofrd and Springfield. The big park along Erina Creek is Hylton Moore Park. The bridge is Punt Bridge. The right side of the foreground is East Gosford and Peeks Point.

Fagans Bay from Rumbalara Reserve Gosford
Resolution at biggest size is merely adequate

Fagans Bay from Rumbalara Reserve Gosford. The foreground is about half of Bustling Downtown Gosford. The two pyramids at the bottom are the courthouse at the corner of Henry parry Drive and Donnison Street. The curved street is Henry Parry Drive. On the right, halfway up the picture, is the footy oval, Grahame Park AKA Bluetongue Stadium. The blue block of flats is a block of flats. The beige block on flats on the left is the pebble-crete tower of the Gosford City Council on Mann Street next to the old conservatorium.

Feeling better yesterday so I went out for a bit of fresh air. Grabbed a mate and we walked down from the top of Rumbalara Reserve (the hill above Gosford).

Lovely walk. A faint breeze cooled our brows, the single notes of bell birds' calls reverberated in the gullies, the hillside was covered in spring fresh bracken and the tall thin trunks of the trees. There were plenty of wildflowers budding and blooming beside the track. It was an easy walk. Downhill for one thing but there was also steps and the occassional handrail. Just what the doctor ordered.

Putting Woy Woy on the map

i wish more people could tkae the time to do similar around the globe

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Oh, and if the Local Studies Librarian is reading, there is a large clear photo of the old Bay View pub in the upstairs office of the UFO.

* There's two. The other one's at Pearl Beach.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos
my daughter works just
around that area...
I havent been up to the Reserve
as yet.....Next time.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say
good to see you out and about again.

Spike said...

Thank yer, Pattie. Be sure and go when the wildflowers are out along the path.