Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fagans Bay

(Random Gosford walkies)

Fagans Bay Point Clare/West Gosford

Fagans is a tiny bay hidden in plain sight, barely noticed by commuters as they rattle into Gosford on the train.

Fagans Bay Point Clare/West Gosford

I like the lazy blue swirl of the speedboat's wash on the water.

Western side of Brisbane Water from Pacific Hwy Gosford

Looking south from Gosford, down the western side of Brisbane Water.

From the foreground back into the photo:
Gosford foreshore
Point Clare, with TS Hawkesbury
Tascott (pretty much invisible behind the bulk of Point Clare)
Kooelwong, Murphys Bay
Woy Woy
Lion Island (spottable only by the eagle-eyed)
Saratoga (left edge of photo)

Low tide in Woy Woy Bay - very atmospheric

A Photo a Day - Col, Woy Woy blogger

UFO (or not)

So there I am this morning sitting half asleep on the bus to Gosford. The sky was blue, the warm morning sun came in through the window like a warm blanket. The bus pulled up at the lights next to the trots and the traffic jerked and flowed in and out of Racecourse Road.

Then I saw it. It was beautiful. A small spherical silver craft hanging perhaps 300 feet above Brisbane Water, right near TS Hawkesbury. It was lit by the sun and glowed white. It just hung there absolutely still in the air above the water.

I goggled at it for a moment or two and reached out the tap the person in front of me.

Then the lights went green and the bus moved off and the UFO flickered and moved off with us. It was just a reflection and nothing more, but for a few short moments I thought we had LGMs!


Anonymous said...

Great photos......and what beautiful blue skies......sigh....

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Yeah, those blue skies have me seething in envy.

Of course, it is British Summertime, so blue skies are definitely off the menu.

michael said...

hey spike

just to get off topic for a bit did youknow that the old gentleman who walked around just about every suburb in sydney passed away a copuple days ago it said on the radio this morning his funeral was being held today
You had a link to his blog here but I cant remember the name of it

Spike said...

Anon, thank yer kindly.

Device dear, suffer in yer jocks!

Michael, bugger! I was going about to pop over and see how he was going. Ta for letting me know.