Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bugger this for a laugh

Spent yesterday in bed. Still feeling like I've gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson, yacking up gross stuff, coughing so hard I forget my own name. Stupid flu aftermath.

Barrenjoey Head & Lion Island from Umina Beach

On the up side, I tottered down to the beach today and laid there in the sun for a couple of hours.


I have a young family and am looking at moving to the central coast, maybe Umina direction. ...I am not overly familiar with the area, but Woy Woy gets lots of bad press amongst the Sydney-siders.

Is it really that bad? Having driven up there once or twice it doesn’t appear to be so….and reading your blog it appears you never got mugged, stabbed, robbed, etc. I guess I am looking for an honest local opinion. Would appreciate your thoughts.

Don't believe everything you read on the telly.

Woy Woy is safe. Naturally we got a few nutters and fuckwits and road collapses but so has every town, including Sydney. Bad news about Woy Woy sticks in the mind because of the memorable name. And because only bad news is reported.

Little old ladies are safe here. Fuckwits who lurk on the beach with an open beer and an attitude get punched by other fuckwits. They're not often active, it's a big beach and there's usually lifesavers on duty*. Housing prices are going up not down. They don't go up in unsafe places.

Bring the kiddies up for the weekend and have a look. You'll love it.


Council risks second road collapse - scary cracked culvert photo of Pearl Beach Drive

Aboriginal place names

Righto. I'm off to bed with a couple of hotties called Whisky and Lemon.

* Swim between the flags and all that.


vengaman said...

thanks man - appreciate your comments.

shame about you feeling so crap with the weather being pretty good.

great site - i wish more people could tkae the time to do similar around the globe.

(pommie poster of email above)

Anonymous said...

Spike, I'd like to add to your comments about Woy Woy. Its a wonderful place! We are positioned so we can walk to shops, station, wharf and its in a quiet little pocket of excellence (as we call it) where there are pavements and peaceful neighbours. AND Woy Woy has the yellow boat! :-)

Woy Woy Steve said...

ahh Woy Woy what is it that makes some locals just don a pair of trakkies and grab a beer and walk round town pished ?
Theres a lot to be said for flat ground.........

michael said...

i went for a drive over to patonga yesterday nice day took some photos which i put up on my flickr I didnt go into pearl beach as i knew they were working on the road

Spike said...

Vengaman, thank yer very kindly.

i wish more people could tkae the time to do similar around the globe

Her yer go.

Anon, thank yer for the support.

Steve, an IQ in single figures would be my guess.

Michael, can't find your flickr again. Bung us yer URL would yer?

Spike said...

Here yer go. Oy.

Have some fairy bread.

michael said...

here you go spike

hope thats it

michael said...

I added some more photos last night of Brooklyn

Spike said...

Excellent, Michael, thank yer.