Tuesday, September 16, 2008

West Gosford

(Gosford walkies #34)

Pacific Hwy West Gosford

Nice bit of Art Deco (circa 1915 - c.1940) on Pacific Hwy West Gosford, opposite Garnet Adcock Park, the sportsfield on the right as you come into Gosford.

Pacific Hwy West Gosford

Toothy building a couple of doors down from the one above, also on Pacific Highway West Gosford.

West Gosford is an industrial area up in the north-western shore of Brisbane Water, about 15 minutes drive from Woy Woy. It's official eastern boundary goes through Waterview Park (Presidents Hill) behind the racecourse and down Bately Street to the railway bridge over Fagans Bay.

That toothy business with the bricks (topmost edge of facade on this building) is not uncommmon but not often noticed. It's mostly seen on low brick garden walls in the Brisbane Water area though there are a few examples on buildings themselves.

Woy Woy has its own example of Deco on Blackwall Road near the railway station. It houses a $2 shop now and I have not been able to find out what it used to house. I keep thinking I've got a good photo of this building but nup. Must remedy.

Creighton's Mann Street Gosford

The most notable Deco building in the Brisbane Water area is Creighton's, the former funeral director's on Mann Street Gosford. Love that fin. There's a smaller fin and stepped facade on the fish & chips shop on Dane Drive.

Its ceilings are georgeous too, though rather different in design, being in keeping with other floral plaster ceilings of the time. More on Creighton's.

Farts in jars

Well, near as damnit. Woy Woy tip's gas conversion plant is open.

"Methane-rich gas is produced as organic waste decomposes within landfill sites. The generation plants at Kincumber and Woy Woy extract this gas and combust it to generate electricity.

Each plant produces enough energy to supply the annual electricity requirements of about 1,300 average households. In the process, the two plants combined will destroy methane equivalent to 60,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum." (Sun Weekly)

Pity it wasn't thought of before this debacle.

I'm off to scuttle back under my blanket on the sofa. Thought I was getting better yesterday but today I'm as weak as cat's piss again. Can't even chuck a rock at that blasted cockie screeching its head off on next door's roof.


michael said...

the building in woy woy that you speak of used to be the rural bank which I think became the state bank then disappeared completely it may have gotten swallowed up by another bank but I cant remember

Woy Woy Steve said...

ahh the shaky flag pole building , funny story about that here and a piccie http://home.iprimus.com.au/blazelands/woywoynet/blogjune08.htm