Saturday, September 06, 2008

Walking Sydney Streets

Alan Waddell of Walking Sydney Streets is gone.

From his website:
"Alan's Passing 2 September 2008

Alan died peacefully at 3.00 this morning from complications after a successful hip replacement. In memory of Alan we will retain the site and continue to add accumulated photos of his discoveries. We trust that this will still help to brighten your day and encourage exercise in the interests of better health."

Sydney has 642 suburbs. Alan walked every street of 284 of them. He started in January 2003. On his 94th birthday last month his site got its 500,000th visitor.

A massive walk for anyone, let alone a guy in his nineties. Onya, Alan.

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Alan in the news


Little red man

Skitster at Walking New Cross seems to have stopped walking for the moment. Hope it's not permanent.

Matt and Tiffany haven't blogged a walk since April, and Rob McIntosh's power has been out since June.

Our New Zealand cousins seemed to have stopped. Their blog has said "Error establishing a database connection" for months now.

On the up side, I've added Rob Burdock and Wulf and Eric to the world wide walkers blogroll at last.

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