Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Bilby

Easter Bilby, Easter Wombat & their child conceived with a turkey baster & a lesbian

The Easter Bilby (right) and his longtime companion the Easter Wombat (left) with their child made with a turkey baster and a lesbian.

For Suzanne's kids. (Vengaman, bilbies and wombats are on the shelf in Woolies in Blackwall Road and in Kmart in Deepwater.)

Have a good Easter, peeps. Maybe by next week I'll have My Humps out of my head.

(But wait there's more: Always Argyll & the Scottionary, another translation thingy.)


michael said...

Happy Easter to you spike, I had to work today(Good Friday) but have the rest of the weekend off - Yay!!!

Spike said...

Excellent. Did the Easter Bilby leave yer a nice big egg? Mine was blue.

michael said...

no eggs this year I'm afraid :(