Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wyoming walkies

Bustling Downtown Wyoming

Bustling Downtown Wyoming. Glamorous, isn't it? Went there last week, before all this rain, and had a random stroll. There's not much to note in the main part, other than traffic whizzing past on its way up the Coast.

Wyoming has no sheep needing to be taken up the mountain and watched by horny blokes. It's a suburb about twenty minutes north of Woy Woy and forms the nominal northern border of my Flickr group Woy Woy to Wyoming.

It has a small industrial area around Brooks Avenue, just to the left of this photo, and other than that is mostly houses.

Wyoming was Kur-ring-gai country before it was settled by whitefellas. In 1824 Fred Hely (after whom Point Frederick is named) called bought farmland there and in 1954 the first major building went up: the pub.

Wyoming is named after some American poem. ""Wyoming" is believed to be a Delaware Indian term for "wide, grassed valley"", says the library, and "By 1930, the Gosford network had a grand total of six telephone subscribers in Wyoming." Probably got more phones than that now.

Pacific Highway Wyoming

From Wyoming I walked back into Gosford enjoying the mild autumn sunshine. This nice old place was on the Pacific Highway, in sandstone and boards and fibro. Bit worse for wear but still looked solid.

Leadlight windows Pacific Hwy North Gosford

It still had a leadlight window at the front too. Very pleasant.

Art Deco Pacific Hwy Gosford

Art Deco shops on the highway, further down towards Gosford.

Graffitti Pacific Highway Gosford

Saddle-sore and trail-weary graffitto near the end of my walk. This is better than the usual fare. Lift yer game, taggers!

Local linkage

1930s aerial photo of Umina Beach

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Our Olive

Our Olive lives on in song and legend across the world:

Sugar Water Love and Death


And there has been an even older blogger discovered after Olive's death.

109-year old Ruth Hamilton of Florida died shortly before for 110th birthday in January and had been blogging on a site called

Bloody but unbowed

My blog's been lacklustre lately. I admit it. Been feeling unenthused for blogging and walkies. Offline life is keeping me on my toes. In a good way but it distracts from blogging. But I'm getting a bit of non-walkies exercise since my sex drive came back so it ain't all bad.

Anyways, I ain't quitting blogging yet. It and walkies got my health back on track and they'll keep it on track so I'm sticking with both.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I remember the Wyoming shops from when i was a young 'un back in the 70's. Every Easter my parents and i would stay at Gosford for the Sailing Clubs' Easter Regatta, and visit the old Shopping Centre there at least once. It's all totally changed these days, obviously and sadly :(

michael said...

Brooks Ave is up Further past the coles shopping center, thats where the big toyota dealership and the bowling alley are I dont know what the name of the street is that you said was brooks ave

have to agree with Mal, gosford is looking very sad these days and so is the hunter street mall in newcastle - very sad indeed compared to what itwas when i was a teenager

Leanne said...

What a change! I used to live in Wyoming in the early 80s until I had to leave for Canberra because I couldn't get work in the Gosford area (apart from a part-time job at Neils Bowen Soul Pattinson pharmacy at Wyoming shops - wonder if he's still there?).

WT said...

michael, that photo has been taken from Henry Parry Drive looking north, which would make the street on the left Pemell St (it's also the one on the right). And you Are correct, Brooks Ave is where the Brian Hilton Toyota dealership is.

Leanne, yes Neils Bowen Soul Pattinson is still there, but the the Wyoming shopping centre had an upgrade a few years back.

Spike said...

Mal, yeah, there's bugger all there over a couple of decades old. Not very interesting.

Michael, ta, I was fucking miles out.

Note to self: must concentrate.

WT is spot on, Leanne it's the Pemell Street whatsit.