Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fire and boats

Bushfire to the West of Woy Woy, 11th August 2009

Bushfire to the West of Woy Woy. Taken yesterday, the 11th August 2009.

Can't find out where exactly the fire was but it looks like it could have been in Ku-ring-gai or around Mooney Mooney up on the F3. (The F3 is an intercity highway with a fearsome reputation for prangs.)

We got a new thingy added to our fire safety signs: Catastrophic AKA Code Red. That's because of the Victorian bushfires.

The signs used to say: "Low / Moderate / Very High / Extreme". Catastrophic is obviously higher than Extreme. Catastrophic means get the kids and go now.

NSW Rural Fire Service (Woy Woy falls under the RFS)

Current Fire Danger Map (NSW RFS)

Bushfire report: Stay or go policy on the line (It's your ABC)

Ferry news

"The SS Baragoola (as she was originally named) was built in 1922 for the Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Company Ltd. ...
Her name (in a local Aboriginal dialect) means "Flood Tide". ... In the 1970's and early 1980's, along with North Head, Baragoola was the backbone of the Manly ferry service. Baragoola was withdrawn from service and passed into private ownership in 1983.

Following a failed attempt to use her as a floating university, she was sold again in 1988." (Baragoola website)

Floating university? The mind boggles.

Baragoola in 1922

Putt Putt Regatta 2009

It's on again for putt putts and people young and old. Sunday 1st of November down at the Davistown waterfront.

Putt Putt Regatta website

Local boating news linkage:


I am going back to bed. Feeling rather crook again. Stupid health.


michael said...

dont you mean the 11th September 2009???

i didnt notice any smoke yesterday but there is certainly a lot around at the moment maybe from the same place???

i am at home recovering from a bout of gastro which i picked up from work

Dr. L said...

Oy mate-
the US' sept 11 came and went with a bit of a whimper. But we did have hella fires here, in california. The ash drifted all the way to Colorado. eek!

Spike said...

Michael, hope yer better. Gastro is the pits.

Yep, I meant September.

*gets new keyboard*

I've seen about 5 different lots of smoke in the last couple of weeks and a lot of choppers and stuff buzzing about. Some of them must have been burn-offs because they weren't all on the news.

Dr. L. wrote: The ash drifted all the way to Colorado

That's as far as from Woy Woy to the NSW/SA border or from the west coast of Ireland to London. Fark!