Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spring flowers

Flowering gum

The flowering of the gums sends the lorikeets berserk.

Bloody lorikeets in a feeding frenzy outside my window. Low res but the noisy bastards are coming across loud and clear.

Bottlebrush flower

These are coming out.

Golden hakea

And these.

Venice Road Pretty Beach

These are a garden favourite.

Wee pink flowers on native bush

So are these. Waist-high bush covered in tiny wee pink flowers.

Golden Wattle at Ettalong Beach

Local wattle species growing at Ettalong Beach last year.

Silver wattle

And, of course, Australia's favourite golden wattle, the silver wattle. It's called that after the silvery grey of the leaves.

Golden wattle in the wind. Taken at the old Gosford quarry a while back. You don't often get to hear the wattle.

Lazy bastard

What with feeling crook and generally just being an unorganised bastard, I'm a month behind on my email. I'll get to yer.

Six degrees of Flickration

Got added to some new feature at Flickr. Gallery of sailboats.


Art Food Environment Life said...

I loved listening to the lorikeets. I'm in Melbourne (used to live in Gosford) and all I get to listen to during the early morning and evening is Indian mynah birds. Flying rats. One even imitates an alarm clock which is pretty irritating at 5.30am.

Thanks for putting up so much nice stuff, Spike. I like reliving my memories of living in the Gosford area.

Spike said...

AFEL, two words. Water. Pistol. That'll learn the bastard.

Yer welcome. Always nice to have ex-locals drop by.