Saturday, September 05, 2009

The lion in winter

(Random blogging urge)

Lion Island fron Umina Beach
18th of June 2007, after a big wind

I've been walking and photographing for 4 years now. I've got about 2,000 walkies photos on my Flickr thingy.

Only just realised I've got a year round record of Lion Island. It's one of my favourite views. Won't bombard you with the whole year's worth of photos in one go. There's 26 of them.

So let's be looking at just one season at a time. It's spring here now, officially and in fact but I like the title 'The lion in winter' so much I'm ignoring inconvenient real-world facts.

Lion Island
30th of June 2005, from Umina Beach

Wagstaffe, Ettalong & Barrenjoey Head from Blackwall Mountain
7th of July 2006

Pittwater From Ettalong Beach
23rd of July 2005

Lion Island & Pittwater from Umina Beach
26th of July 2005

Lion Island & Ettalong Beach foreshore
5th of August 2008, from Ettalong Beach just near Bustling Downtown Ettalong

Australia really doesn't have a noticable winter in terms of bare trees and stuff. Not unless yer in Tassie and it's snowing. Pretty sure you'd notice winter then, even without the bare trees.

Excuses excuses

Did not go walkies this week. Had the annual flu. Not swine flu, thank fuck, and not even man flu just yer bog standard 3 days in bed crap.

Right now I'm off to seek sustenance in the form of a barbie and a steak sanger. Doubt if I'm up to a bonk today.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

How irritating to see that your winters appear to be nicer than our summers.

* considers migrating yet again *

* books Broom in for long-haul service *

Spike said...

*lays flares along Trafalgar Avenue*

Line up with Pittwater and mind the traffic islands.