Saturday, July 17, 2010

Winter weather watch

(Random winter walkies)

Winter sun on the water at Blackwall Point July 2010

Last week in Woy Woy.

Saratoga from Blackwall Point. Go down Blackwall Road from the railway station. When you get to the mountain, go left and left again at the carpark sign.

Winter at Ettalong Beach July 2010

This week in Woy Woy.

Barrenjoey Head and Lion Island from Ettalong Beach. Get the ferry from Palm Beach or go down Blackwall Road from the station then Memorial Avenue, straight ahead through the first roundabout, left at the second one (into Bourke Road) and park when you get to The Excresence.

I'd better piss off quick. Off to a nice sunny barbie. Will have a sausage sanger for yer.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Wow! What a difference. Just like our weather.

That Woy Woy photo is excellent! Easily good enough to be a postcard or holiday broschure picture..

Spike said...

Watched a thingy on the telly the other month about your weather and how you're at the crossroads of the weather systems of Europe and Scandinavia etc. and that's why you get all those terribly dramatic storm surges and floods and such.

Forget where I was going with that but it have yummy CGI.

Ta very much for the photo praise. Yer too kind.

*flutters off*