Sunday, July 04, 2010

The wattles are coming

(Random walkies in Woy Woy)

Golden Wattle 1st of July 2010

It's clouding over, blast it. It was a sunny winter's morning here in Woy Woy. Froze my bloody nuts off yesterday with the icy wind, and that was only a short scuttle from car to home. Bloody lovely sun though. All warm and toasty.

The golden wattles are starting to bloom. Not sure which wattle this one is. It blooms first round here anyways. The local wattles, A. prominens AKA Gosford Wattle and Coastal Wattle AKA Acacia longifolia or A. sophorae come in a month or two. Acacia pycnantha is the national wattle, the one on our $5 note and the old 2 shilling stamp and the 41 cent stamp in 1990 and under the roo and the emu on the coat of arms thingo.

Wattle-gasm at my Flickr

I've been spending my mornings in a sunny window, covered from head to toe in beanies and rugs and uggs. July's the coldest month in Strayla.

10 questions

A bit of entertainment from Device dear

1. What's your earliest memory?

Not getting to wear a fairy skirt at kindy. It would've looked fabulous with the cowboy hat.

2. What was the last thing you ate?

Breakfast. Boring I know.

3. Would you support a comeback by Steps?

Yes. No. I'll get back to you on that.

4. What is your dream car?


5. How tall are you?

5 foot 10.

6. Margaret Thatcher vs Queen Elizabeth II: Who would win and why/how?

The queen because no-one's fiercer and the corgis are pretty feral.

7. Mama Cass died choking on a sandwich. What sandwich filling would you happily choke on?

Jared Padalecki.

(Sasquatch & Jenny-bean

8. Has a pick-up line ever worked for you? If so, what was it? If not, what was the worst reaction?

Never used one. *slinks away*

9. You find yourself inexplicably cloned, barely wearing something sexy, and gagging for it. You would, wouldn't you?! Just out of curiosity, or maybe for some other reason?

Would definitely do it. Purely in the interests of science of course.

10. How did you find this blog? Go on, indulge me!

You made some terribly witty comment over at Glitter for Brains and I clicked you.

Local linkage

Flemings, one of those little old local supermarkets, is no more. Woolies have built a large flash two-storey job on the other side of the road, hedging in the library, and Flemings is empty.

Michael's photo of Flemings-as-was

Straylya-wide linkage

Orphans and other former inhabitants of children's homes, the Forgotten Australia site is collecting "personal histories of those who were placed in children’s homes – a voice for those who were inside and a chance for others to understand." It's a National Museum of Australian thingo. Some bloody disturbing but very powerful material on that site.

Web-wide linkage

Lee over at Glitter for Brains got to 1,000 posts last month. That's staying power.

Buggered if I know how many I've done. Got 598 posts on the counter for This isn't Sydney (this one) and maybe a couple of hundred at Woy Woy Walkies

The Doctor

Add your vote to the eternal question: Tennant or Baker?

The Doctors Who


Ta Stevo for the heads up with the dashboard thingy for widening. Fiddled with it for a bit but the bastard only widened one bit. Will give it a kick up the khyber another time.


michael said...

love the new layout

i noticed the wattles the other day when i was out driving very nice

you forgot to include the link to flickr gostalga on your woy woy and district links on the right hand side

and thank you for including the link to my flickr page

Inexplicable DeVice said...


Ohhhhh, I'd love a Padelecki sandwich!

Thanks for partaking in my probing - You as a fairy cowboy is such an endearing image.

Doc said...

alas, i hate yer winter weather! sorry the aussies n kiwis bunged up their world cup chances, but i'm sure spain has no hope in the rugby world cup.. :)

humid in Philly, PA, where I am now, and 110 degrees back in Arizona. HATE.

and how you?

Spike said...

Michael, ta, aren't they fabulous as you drive along? Ta for the heads up, yer welcome.

Device dear, pick me up on Broom, we'll swoop down low over Tinseltown, snatch him out of Jenny-bean's arms and return him a few days later, somewhat breathless and fully satisfied.

I love a good probing, ta very much.

Doc, yers, we rather stuffed up the cup :(

I shudder at the mere thought of humidity. February is the worst here and can fuck off.

Me not so bad now. How you?