Thursday, June 24, 2010

In with the cool kids

Straylya is now officially one of the cool kids. We now have a girl Prime Minister.

Went to bed last night with K-Rudd stating rather tensely that he was PM and PM he was bloody well going to stay, and woke up to the sound of Our Julia being declared winner of the overnight power struggle.

Um, okay. Yeah. Righto. Sorry to see you go, Kev. Ta very much for the Sorry and getting us out of the GFC recession so quick. Better luck next time. Hello Julia.

Gillard takes up PM role in Parliament (video)

Gillard becomes Australia's first female prime minister as tearful Rudd stands aside

Rudders...not proud of blubbing (poor love, more video)

How world reports Gillard's ascension

Poo Tubes re-visited

As Stevo pointed out, I forgot to mention the dunny cart man when I blogged the Poo Tubes.

Read all about him:
Talking Heads
Dunny cart lanes
Pommy Town
Ettalong - vastly different in the 40s and 50s

(By the way, Stevo, the new blog format is looking good.)

Great Woy Woy Tea Cosy Showcase

No photos sorry, Erica. But a couple of mates send this report: popped round from pub, had a scone with jam and cream (yum), looked at the tea cosies (very nice and, um, warm), enjoyed the winter sun, returned to pub.

Where the bloody hell am I?

Still crook. Absolutely buggered. Utterly lacking in motivation to do more than totter round the block a few times and collapse back on the sofa.

Seeing a lot more of the telly than I usually do. Very much enjoying Dirty Jobs, Breaking the Magician's Code and that one with Stephen Fry where he stands on a sandbar at the beginning. And Good News Week and Dr Who of course. Long time Dr Who addict. And when the fuck are they gonna put Supernatural back on? I need my Padalecki and Ackles fix.

Anyways, I'll be back when I'm back. I'll pop round my blogroll before then but. Takes less energy.

Ta very much for all the nice get well comments.


michael said...

i'm a big good news week and doctor who fan as well spike what do you think of the new series so far do you like the new doctor and amy?
i cant seem to get into this series for some reason

Erica said...

let the mates know I appreciated the effort, I know it takes serious thought to interrupt good pub time even when scones and jam are involved

also a big dr who fan but like Michael, can't get into this one, quite happy to catch it on Iview later rather than counting the minutes til it starts as I was with Mr. Tennant

Spike said...

Michael, love Amy, not so sure about the new doctor. I like him but I still miss Tennant.

Erica, will do. You know I never thought to ask how the beer mixed with scones and cream. Badly I suspect.

After Tennant, who's your favourite Doctor? Mine is Tom Baker.

michael said...

David tennant is my favorite doc i would have to say that Tom baker was my next favorite didnt really like the first doctor (William Hartnel) I always thought he was to much of a grumpy old man

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Just pray that your Julia doesn't turn into an iron-bouffanted, blue two piece-wearing cyborg like what we had.

I don't watch Dr Who anymore, but my favourite Doctor was Peter Davidson. Didn't much care for that screeching Bonnie Langford, though.
Now if Jared Padalecki were to be Doctor (and take his clothes off a lot) I would resume watching in a heartbeat!

Erica said...

after Tennant it would be Tom Baker but David Tennant had such an expressive face and showed so much emotion I don't think anyone else could top him

Erica said...

..also been meaning to mention my son and partner have become Woy Woyans, he affectionately calls it Mt.Druitt By The Sea :)

Woy Woy Steve said...

Check out your dashboard Spike theres new layouts for your blog , you may be able to tweak yours back into shape, theres a thingo to make the pages bigger as well amongst other goodies

Spike said...

Michael, yeah, Hartnell was a wee bit creepy as well. Don't like him. I am with on the Tennant 1st, Baker 2nd front.

Device dear (you know I always picture you as some sort of sleek device with snazzy lights down yer sides and stylish but bendy and not at all painful fins).

Where was I? Oh yeah. Gillers is dead meat is she turns into Thatcher.

I don't watch Dr Who anymore

That's not illegal in the UK?

*transfixed by the thought of Padalanky as the Doctor*

*has a little lie down*

Erica, you are spot on. Is it me or did The Doctors used to all be non-expressive and Big Ears (Eccles?) marked the new regime?

Welcome to the peninsula, Erica's son and partner!

Ta, Stevo. I think I broke it. Slid the slidey things back and forth a bit too much :(