Sunday, February 05, 2006

Whatsit Street

Some more pictures I took yesterday. (Yesterday I said I'd uploaded them to flickr but I was lying.) Some of the shops may or may not be fifties. It's hard to tell sometimes. I'll eventually get accurate info and we can all have a decko at them in the meantime.

The Esplanade
(Big version)

Great beach house. There's a few houses on this street that barely use the view at all. This one uses nearly every square inch of it. Plus I just like the house. Except that evil seventies window on this side, of course. Don't know the age of the bottom part. I'll peer over the fence at it one day when they're not home.

Island in the mist
(Big version)

Quick photo of the view from Ocean Beach. All the photos uploaded today and yesterday were taken with this much light. The rest are tweaked.

Trafalgar House
(Big version)

This one's on the beach end of Trafalgar Avenue, just round the corner from West Street.

Lifeline shop on West Street
(Big version)

Love the prow on the veranda of this shop. It's beside the pawn shop and across the road from the pub on the corner of Trafalgar Avenue.

Detail of Lifeline shop on West Street
(Big version)

Back of Lifeline shop
(Big version)

I wondered if this group of fifties shops around the Trafalgar Ave corner were earlier buildings updated in the fifties so I went round the corner for a look. The Lifeline shop (beige brick on left, grey fibro on right, brick loo) looks like it was built in place of an earlier shop. I'm using the dunny (outdoor loo) as evidence of that. Building an outside loo in the fifties would be unusual. It's a reno, I'll bet. I'd put money on the shop and that grey building being built fresh in the fifties. Ditto the shop next to it (the white building).

Got a few more Whatsit Street (West Street) photos to bung up next week. Presuming Blogger's working. It won't show me my own site today. Bastard!


Jimmy Little said...

"Building an outside loo in the fifties would be unusual" -- Hmmm. We were still building outdoor toilets in the Woy Woy area in the 1960's, at least -- there wasn't any sewage system until the 1970's, and most places that didn't have septic systems (i.e. a large part of the Woy Woy area) still had the "sanny man" come around twice a week to empty the toilets. Being outside was a distinct advantage...

Spike said...

there wasn't any sewage system until the 1970's ... a large part of the Woy Woy area) still had the "sanny man"

Bloody hell! I had no idea. Thanks for the word to the wise. I love detail like that.