Saturday, February 18, 2006


Fishing at Woy Woy wharf
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Some random cutie fishing off the ferry wharf at Woy Woy. He had a slightly tense air about him, like he was waiting for a hook-up to show.

It was as hot as buggery yesterday. Building up to another storm. Which we still haven't got. Had the fan on non-stop for the last 24 hours and as it turns it makes a noise like a baby goat. Very irritating.


Fuckkit said...

Oh hush yer damn noise, at least you have an excuse to have the fan on ;)

Spike said...

LOL. You poor buggers. Did you get much snow this year?

Fuckkit said...

Not in Oxfordshire, no, but we rarely get snow here. It's just freezing bloody cold all the damn time :(

(That includes summer!!)

Spike said...

Poor buggers. No wonder so many Poms move here.