Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Eyebrow-less House

(Woy Woy Walk #74)

Bloody hot again this morning. Steamy and sunny. Not ideal walkies weather but it's been four days since my last walk. The lanes themselves were nothing unusual. Fences and sheds of various colours ages and states of repair. But I enjoy the differences and textures and the way the colours change in the light and with age.

Eyebrowless House - Commonwealth Avenue
(Big version)

After I'd done a few lanes I went into a street with quite a few fifties houses in it. This green house I call the Eyebrow-less House. Those two front windows look like eyes and then there's nothing up to the hairline.

Commonwealth Avenue
(Big version)

That entrance protruberance there looked fairly new from close up. The front door (on the right side of the protruberance) is a four-panelled job with flowers on the glass part of the panels. Personally I would've gone with fifties repro but each to their own.

Commonwealth Avenue
(Big version)

Another renovated fifties place. Next to the house with the protruberance but otherwise unremarkable.

By the time I'd taken my photos it was really starting to heat up. Sweat was dripping onto my map and the viewfinder was steaming up. I tramped off home and glugged down a big bottle of cold water.


I was hoping to finish the lanes by the start of autumn (1st of March) but the weather looks like putting the kybosh on that. Such is life. I'll just walk when I can and speed up again in autumn. Can't hardly wait for those nice nippy mornings.

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