Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Small hills

(Kincumber Walk #5)

On the road at the arsecrack of dawn this morning, trundling over to Kincumber. Seeing as I there already I squeezed off another walk. A shortish one, due to getting about 30 seconds sleep last night, what with the bloody humidity and the bloke over the back fence coming home rolling drunk at 3am again. (He's fighting with the missus.)

Anyways, there were a few summer flowers still blooming, bottlebrushes, a pink flowering tree, red geraniums and some tired roses. Walked under a jacaranda tree and felt its soft leaves on my arm. We had one of those when I was a sprog and I loved its soft leaves and the carpet of purple flowers. One of the roses still had a strong perfume, even though its petals were going brown. But there were no flowers left on the orange jessamine hedges of the retirement village.

Broadwater Court
(Big version)

The uphill half of Broadwater Court (second biggest retirement village in Kincumber). The downhill side is opposite and screams eighties. Wussy colours and token gestures. There's the eighties style portico on the units in this photo but the rest of the architecture is quite pleasant, one of the best retirement villages I've seen. Pleasant use of red brick, pointy concrete caps on the fence posts echoing 18th or 19th century gate posts, nice sturdy brick and iron fences and plenty of orange jessmine as hedges.

Burns family house, Kincumber
(Big version)

This is the other side of the Burns family house (1927). I've taken a few snaps of it before (below). This looks like the original front. You can see it from the Avoca Drive shopping centre carpark between the Post Office and the cinema.

Burns house 1927
(Big version)

The back of the house above (taken on a different day). You can see the wee blue plaque on the right of the door. It says "Burns family ... 1927".

No6 Kincumber Street
(Big version)

This one is next to the one above and fits the bill for the "House, John/Peter Burns, Avoca Drive Kincumber (opp. Kincumber Hotel) ... c.1900" from my hist list. Found the heritage listing for it which says it was "rebuilt in 1927 and later moved" but is close to the original spot.

It wasn't the most exciting walk I've ever done due to the mostly seventies and eighties architecture. You know how I love to hate those two decades. But there were a couple of small hills and I got my quota of exercise. It was a bit muggy and I was quite warm by the end of it but a smidgeon of rain came down and a nice cool breeze came up and I was happy.

By the by

While I've got you here I may as well do some preening. Some of my photos got collected by Picture Australia. They did a cattle call thingy for people interested in donating photos and I signed up. Admittedly, my photos got picked I'm Woy Woy's most prolific flickerite rather because I'm fabulous. But I'm basking anyways.

To see my photos on Picture Australia:
# 1. Go to their Advanced search page
# 2. Leave the first field (box) blank
# 3. Select 'collection' from the drop down menu in the second field (box).
# 4. Select 'flickr.com photo sharing from Yahoo!' from the drop down menu in the third field (box).
# 5. Click Go.
# 6. Go to the search box at the bottom of the page and type in "pc2256", "pc2257" or "woy woy" to see my photos. There's also some cool old photos of the Peninsula in there, some by Frank Hurley.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. You're fabulous!

Spike said...


It's true :)

There's heaps of good stuff on there as well as mine. Can't wait to have a proper explore.

SilverB said...

What was the bloke next door and his Missus fighting about?

This basking you're doing I hope you are using a high factor sun screen!

Oh and congrats on being chosen :-)

Thank You

Fuckkit said...

Well done you :)

And I second Silverb, what were they kicking off about?

Spike said...

Thank yer kindly.

The yelling was something about him nagging her about having kids then the first one's scarcely popped out when he's whinging about it 24/7. If they're going to scream their lungs out, they could a least pick a more glam topic, the bastards!