Saturday, February 04, 2006

Jasmine & Turkey Shit

(Woy Woy Walk #76)

Another cool one this morning. Well, cool for summer anyways. So I nicked off and did a couple of lanes in an area rich in fifties houses. This lot of photos today are only half of what I got. Have a decko at the rest here or wait until I post them tomorrow.

Kourung Street with add-on
(Big version)

The trouble with photographing houses on the weekend is you get cars in the driveways. But I'm stuck with walking on the few cool days until winter comes.

And thank Christ it wasn't hot and sunny when I went down the first lane. Someone had an old shed full of turkeys against the back fence and they must reek something cruel on hot days. They were whiffy enough today. Luckily there was a jasmine climber further on and I buried my nose in the last of its blooms.

The summer flowers are starting to die away now. Plenty of frangipanis and roses are still flowering but the brightest flowers are faded or gone. Just a few more weeks until autumn then the deciduous European trees will start to lose their leaves and show their bones against the sky. If we have another warm winter half the plants will flower again and at the end of winter the Magnolia denudata will shed their shady leaves and put out their beautiful flowers.

After I'd wandered the lanes I went into the streets with fifties houses and clicked away like a mad person. Occasionally when I photograph someone's house their head pops up in the window suddenly and they stare at me suspiciously. The Dear Old Things tend to peer out through the screen door after they've found their glasses. I go to the door and explain what I'm doing. It never hurts to allay the fears of Dear Old Things and sometimes it's the only bit of conversation they've had all day.

Kourung Street
(Big version)

It'd be nice to see this house minus that fugly add-on in the front but I suspect it's a rental now and will remain one.

Burrawang Street
(Big version)

God, I hate a brick-over on a fifties house. It just looks weird and disturbing. The iron lace valance on the veranda is not helping.

Cambridge Street II
(Big version)

Love the pitch on this one's roof. It's the steepest I've seen so far on a fifties house on the Peninsula. The foundation is forties or earlier. Check out the forties piers (brick stumps) at the side.

Cambridge Street
(Big version)

This place had two goats in the front garden last time I went past. Big floppy-eared buggers that baaed at me in a friendly way. The left half of the house is forties or earlier. No stone or wood piers or brick piers (stumps) but they could be concealed by the fibro of the wall.

Gross Street
(Big version)

If this house had been white and had a cactus out the front, it would've made my day complete. I think the colour may be classic fifties anyways. I'm not going to add fifties houses to my research burden.

Speaking of my research

I've now got a broad picture of the Peninsula (Woy Woy) and the Brisbane Water/Greater Gosford Area. This means I've been able to narrow my research interests down to:

1. village centres of the Peninsula (Woy Woy, Ettalong, Booker Bay, Umina)

2. origins of street names

3. identifying the architectural styles

4. local celebrities & movers & shakers (Spike Milligan's family, Rock Davis,

5. Gosford's convict past (apparently it was a bit of a
rambunctious town)

That's still a lot of research but I'm in no hurry.

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