Wednesday, February 08, 2006


(Woy Woy Walk #8)

Last night and Sunday night there was a glorious wind and yesterday was 23 degrees (73.4F). Very nice. The sun this morning was in and out like a fiddler's elbow. Together with the breeze it made a fairly cool walk. Not much orange jessamine left now but there were plenty of roses still out and one garden had a rather beautiful tea-scented pale pink rose and a bright red rose with a pineapple scent.

Albion Street
(Big version)

No idea if these are fifties colours. I've never seen them on a fifties house before. The house still looks pretty good though.

Nelson Street
(Big version)

Neat but dull. Perhaps with a lighter colour on the fence and windows it'd perk up.

Oxford Street
(Big version)

Not sure if this one's a rental or not. Another unremarkable house with (possibly) seventies cladding and a seventies veranda on the back.

Oxford St
(Big version)

Another view of a possible rental. Not sure if those awnings on the windows are fifties or seventies.

Albion Street
(Big version)

A brick-over reno. One of the least attractive things you can do to a fifties house. It's still got the palms though, and one of its original windows.

1950s cabin
(Big version)

One of the best cabins I've ever seen. It looks in good nick, it's got plenty of space around it for a garden and to let in the light, and the fence also in good nick. It's also unusual because of its fifties design.

Lane Street
(Big version)

Another cabin. Fairly standard in that the garage door's still in place (covered up inside with masonite) and has a hodgepodge of windows and a carport as combined veranda, washing-line and carport. It appears to be in okay nick, i.e., not actively falling down. Cabins usually house a poverty-stricken retiree, a uni student or a bachelor living entirely on a diet of beer and pizza.

Albion lane
(Big version)

Cabins are converted garages. Most of them are coverted by their owners so there's plenty that're not up to standard. This place looked occupied and had a street number painted on its fence. Though it may just be someone's non-weatherproof office or workshop. I hope it's not being used as a dwelling.

There's relatively few fifties houses on the Peninsula but I've noticed an enormous number of fifties garages and quite a lot of fifties verandas.

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