Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I've pasted a wee video of the lorikeets' feeding frenzy. It might take a minute to show up and load. Let me know if it won't work or goes funny. I'm trying out the free video hosts.

[Video removed 5-2-06 re bandwidth]

Long road

Steve is walking across America. He's three quarters of the way and is walking through Indiana now. Americans might've seen him last week on the Today Show.

Fucked if I know how he does it. Onya, Steve. Keep at it, mate.


Fuckkit said...

Works fine that, mate. Noisy fuckers aint they? I'd turn em all into lorikeet sandwiches.

Spike said...

Tried that last year. They don't taste too good.

Suzanne said...

Took a reeeally long time to load due to my extreeeeemely slow dial-up, but sounded lovely once I had it all.

Spike said...

Bummer about the really long time. Maybe one of the others will be faster.

The good news is that while they're twittering and fighting in the trees they're not shitting on my balcony.