Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bushfires update

They seem to be out. The ones at Woy Woy and Wondabyne anyways. Not sure about the rest of the country.

Yesterday another south-westerly came in around 11am and a couple of the burnoffs got out of control for a while. The choppers were back and the sirens. But by last night it was quiet again. Today is pretty still and cool and it rained a bit this morning. No photos of the damage to show you as the light's too low.

The weekend's s'posed to be hot again so keep your fingers crossed for us.


Daniel Stone said...

I popped through on the train yesterday evening and they still seemed to be burning around the tunnel, but they are by no means raging :D

Spike said...

Which end of the tunnel? I hear the Wondabyne fire took a long time to put out.