Monday, January 16, 2006


(Woy Woy Walk #71)

Lorikeets I
(Big version) Got quite close to a rainbow lorikeet today. The noise of the wind in their tree masked the sound of my camera and I got a couple of decent shots. Normally they move to the back of the tree or fly off.

Lorikeet II
(Big version)

Night safe
(Big version) This is an old night-safe deposit thingy on a building in Whatsit Street. I love this shade of green in any light.

The former bank building on West Street, Umina.
(Big version) The former bank building.

Lion Island
(Big version) Lion Island & Barrenjoey Head from Umina Beach.

It was raining this morning. Beautiful cool rain. Went walkies after lunch and it got bloody muggy again. But I got a walk in and a few minutes at the beach anyways. The flags (showing the safe swimming area) were bloody close together today. Scarcely 25 yards apart. Never seen them closer.

It's going to rain again soon and the birds are twittering like mad outside my window. Hope there's a storm tonight.


Vampire Librarian said...

The birds and the flowering tree look really cool. What type of tree is that?

Spike said...

A bottlebrush of some sort. Looks like the flowers were pink and faded in the sun. The red ones don't fade much.

Red's the most common colour for bottlebrushes and there's plenty of yellow and white ones in the area. That's only the second pink one I've laid eyes on.

There's a couple of the same birds carrying on like drunks in a pub carpark outside my window right now.