Monday, January 23, 2006


(Woy Woy Walk #72)

Got wet feet today wandering through the weeds. Lovely cool wet feet on a hot summer morning. Round beside the Everglades golf course, there's three streets called Everglades, Florida and Miami. They and the golf course have names suggestive of swamps because they're built on swampy ground that's been drained.

Damp Lane
(Big version)

The houses are all seventies so it's a safe bet the draining was done in the seventies. The street trees are mostly paperbarks and the lanes have plenty of paperbarks in them. Lanes don't usually have trees in them but these lanes are actually just wide drains. Wide enough in fact for the Council blokes to get their ride-on mowers in there. The grass is short enough but the weeds have flourished in the rain of the last coupla weeks.

One more
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Hard to tell how old this house is. It's on Dunban Road so it could be forties or seventies or even sixties. Just the windows left to do then it will be a very pleasant Federation repro.

Slightly Wobbly house
(Big version)

No53 The Boulevarde/Brick Wharf Road Woy Woy, beside what might be the former 'Roma' boarding house. The front is here. Looking at the amount of doors on the side of this place, I'm wondering if its been a boarding house too at some point.


Suzanne said...

No 53 looks like it belongs here in NM, except for the lacy decorative woodwork pieces.

Fuckkit said...

"hot summer morning..."


Smug Aussie ;)

Spike said...

Suzanne, it would be dead cool if you stumbled across a similar house to photograph.

Fuckkit, mhwa!