Monday, January 23, 2006

Back from the dead

Some good news first
Race: The Power of an Illusion was on the telly last night. Fascinating stuff. All this genetics research has turned up the fact that there's no such thing as race. There's no genetic markers for race, we really are all the same.

The colour of your skin comes from how much sun your ancestors got where they lived and how much vitamin D that gave them. That is, pale peeps such a myself with ancestors who lived in a cold rainy climate needed all the vitamin D they could soak up while the Aborigines, who've lived in this sun-soaked land for 70,000 years, have dark skins because they got plenty of sun. Eye shape and hair are just geographical too. If your ancestors lived in ancient China they didn't trek off into the great unknown to find someone to marry, they just married someone in the next village and so the gene for black hair was carried on locally. You look like your parents because they're your parents not because of race.

We really are all the same :)

Three dead

Bad bushfires, worse than the New Year's Day fires here, are still burning down in Victoria and there's been some deaths.

Articles here and photos from those close by here, here and here. I hope it pisses down in Victoria and Tassie and on all the other fires big and small.

Half dead
Also watched Alone across Australia which was about a guy who walked from Adelaide to the Gulf of Carpentaria. 128 days and 2,500 kilometres (1,553.43 miles).

At the end of the film it said he'd lost a third of his body weight on the walk. Then it said "Four months later he walked to the North Pole". Fuck. I'd want a bit more than four months rest myself. More like four years.

Back from the dead

Little recap. Last year I lost my URL (long tedious story). Hadn't backed up as carefully as I thought and lost #48 - 59 walkies posts for ever.

The rest of them I've rescued and bunged up on their own site called Woy Woy Walkies. Now you can catch up from my very 1st walk through to when I finished walking the Peninsula.


Suzanne said...

Brilliant idea, to create the woywoywalkies blog.

How does one achieve the freedom and wherewithal to walk across a continent? I'd do it in a flash, if my kids were grown, and I could figure out how.

Spike said...

He was about 30 and had been going for walks since he left school I think. I got the impression he ran like hell from responsibility :)

Loved the thingy on one of the sites: "The man who took his dog for a walk". Unfortunately the dog turned up its toes near the end. Ate a poisoned dingo bait.

It was a beautiful fillum. Great swathes of uninhabited landscape as far as the eye could see. Or rather, uninhabited by towns. There were Aborigines and the occasional sheep station along the way.

Before it died, his dog seemed to be as happy as Larry. Trotting along, piddling on stuff, barking at lizards. It put up a sturdy defence against the dingoes as well, though there was one night the campfire was surrounded by a pack of them and he eventually had to shoot the leader to send them packing. Just him and his wee dog out there in the desert with the campfire the only light and the dingoes howling all around.

Spike said...

Brilliant idea, to create the woywoywalkies blog.

Thank yer kindly BTW :)