Wednesday, January 18, 2006


(Woy Woy Walk #72)

It's been a dark wet week. Soft quiet rain has been falling for days. Couple of times I've had the lights on at three in the afternoon. Yesterday there was a bit of a storm and a soft cool wind. Beautiful.

It's been pretty warm and steamy despite the rain but I've got in a bit of walking. Today was a brolly (umbrella) walk through more lanes, slow rain softly tapping, the trees dripping and the distant swish of the traffic over wet roads.

Citrus Fresh
(Big version)

I love the colours of a rainy day. The endless spectrum of soft greys in the clouds and on the wooden fences, the washed-clean green of the trees, the reflected light from the puddles.

(Big version)

I love walking the lanes and seeing what people have in their backyards. Sometimes a boring garage will have something quirky on it. Sometimes a really normal-looking house with a neat garden will have a backyard crammed full useless broken odds and ends, making the occupant look downright nutty. Walking every street of the Peninsula showed me a lot. Walking every lane is showing me even more.

Old Louvres
(Big version)

The backs of houses are often much older than the front. This house had eighties weatherboard on the front but the back was forties. Love that old window. My Nana's house had a sleepout (closed-in veranda) at the back and if you angled the louvres of the windows right, the wind used to whistle and howl through them. I still love louvres.

Today's walk was a bit longer than the others I've done since Christmas. In five weeks it'll be autumn and when the cold sets in I can get back to my normal walking pace. Can't hardly wait.

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