Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Melting moments

Woke up this morning to the faint smell of vomit. Stumbled into the kitchen and the floor was wet and sticky. The smell was strong there. I'd forgotten to close the window and thought one of Downstairs's drunken mates had chundered outside. After a few bleary moments I realised the wet floor and the smell were coming from the fridge.

The bloody thing had widdled itself during the night. It was due for defrosting in about a month but had defrosted on its own and stinky sticky water had trickled out. Great. Looks like I need a new fridge pronto. The old budget will just have to withstand another rogering.

I'm particularly peeved about the mess becuase this morning was half decent walkies weather and I had to waste it cleaning up fridge juice instead.

Ah well. While the next floor-scrubbing effort is drying, I can have a fiddle with Fucckit's video hosting recommends (thanks, mate) and paste that lorikeet video in here for your listening pleasure.

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