Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bucket chopper

Bugger. The Pearl Beach backburn's turned nasty again. It's quite brown now. Plenty of sirens again and I think there's three choppers over The Bays now. I'll go back for a gander in an hour or two.

This morning the fire trucks were back then a chopper came. It was only backburning at first, getting ready for the heat on the weekend. But around midday the breeze picked up and a bit of brown smoke started to appear in the backburn at Woy Woy Bay. By the time I got down to the Rawson Road jetty twenty minutes later, a bucket chopper had arrived and was dumping in Woy Woy Bay as I watched.

(Big version Woy Woy Bay backburn and observation chopper at around 11am. Taken near the train station.

(Big version Backburn behind Parks Bay/Koolewong at around 11am. Taken near the train station.

(Big version) Horsfield Bay burnoff at around 11am. Taken from near Woy Woy station.

(Big version) Backburn behind Horsfield Bay as seen from the Rawson Road jetty around 12pm. Notice the damage on the right from the fires.

(Big version) Bucket chopper after picking up water from Phegans Bay to dump on Woy Woy Bay backburn. Taken from the Rawson Road jetty.

(Big version) Pearl Beach backburn at 12.30pm. Taken from the Woy Woy end of Woy Woy Bay Road. It's got a brown tinge here but right now (2.15pm) it's white again.

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Daniel Stone said...

Your photos and thoughts are interesting, Im from up in the Bays themselves and have been blogging my experiences but its interesting to see what things look like from out of the bays. You might be interested in what Ive seen happening up here..

Spike said...

Thanks. Checked out your blog. Interesting.